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The field school has a focus on Hominin Palaeobiology, Quaternary African palaeontology and how to excavate bone as well as geoarchaeological and geophysical applications. Current student projects associated with the school can be viewed on the staff and student page. Costs apply and for information about attending the field school please e-mail: The lab has close links with the Dept. The lab is currently working on projects in Australia BIOSIS, ArchLink, QuAC, Lake Mungo Project, Heritage Victoria , China Guangxi Museum of Nationalities and the University of Hawaii , India, Kenya with the University of Liverpool, Kenyan National Museum and John Moores University , South Africa University of Johannesburg, University of Cape Town, University of the Witwatersrand and Tanzania University of Brighton.

However, any undergraduate students undertaking the BA Archaeology or majoring in archaeology through the BA Arts or BSc Applications in Society degrees at LTU can volunteer in the lab and learn to measure on the equipment. This can form part of their prerequisite for Honours email to volunteer. E-mail Dr Herries for information. The HUMAN JOURNEY HUS1THJ: Dr Herries co-ordinates this first year course which gives an overview of Human Evolution. Dr Herries co-teaches this course with Dr Colin Smith.

It focuses on understanding the geology and geomorphology of different landscapes, field research methods, as well as more theoretical aspects of landscape studies. It focuses on the laboratory work that goes on behind the scenes of archaeological research projects and covers Geochronology, Isotopic Studies and Ancient DNA work. Honours student projects are available and are designed to lead to a publishable research.

HDR student projects are also available with funding opportunities through LTU and the ARC. Rm, McCoy Building Electron Microscopy and in situ X-ray Microanalysis Our Philips FEI XL30 environmental Scanning Electron Microscopes SEM provides imaging of geological and environmental samples magnification of up to 50,x , semi-quantitative elemental analysis and cathodoluminescence images for investigation of mineral structures.

Rm, McCoy Building Quadrupole Inductively Coupled Plasma mass spectrometer Q-ICPMS Our Q-ICPMS provides trace element analyses most elements across the Periodic Table from Lithium to Uranium of geological materials at ppm to ppq levels. It can also be used for 'in situ' analysis and geochronology of minerals such as zircon and monazite when coupled to our laser ablation systems.

Rm and c, McCoy Building Multi-collector Inductively Coupled Plasma mass spectrometers MC-ICPMS Our MC-ICPMS instruments provide isotopic analyses of geological materials at the ppm to ppt levels. Most elements from Lithium to Uranium may be analysed. We operate two instruments, one for Pb, Sr, Nd, Hf, and Cu isotope analyses, the other optimised for high-precision U-Th-Pb geochronology. Rm, McCoy Building Laser ablation microprobes Laser ablation is a sampling technique used in conjunction with the ICPMS instruments see separate sections allowing 'in situ' analysis of a wide range of materials.

Our systems allow analysis of spots, microns in size, or slits from 3 micron in width, coupled with line scans and extensive elemental and isotopic mapping capabilities for areas of up to several square centimetres Location: Rm, McCoy Building Noble Gas Geochronology and Geochemistry This laboratory houses a number of instruments allowing dating of geological materials using the 40ArAr chronometer and determination of noble gas isotope ratios for petrogenetic studies.

We can also perform combined noble gas and halogen geochemistry studies, and are one of only two laboratories in the world with this capability Location: The system is based around a Coherent fibre-optically coupled diode laser for gas extraction, a Balzers quadrupole mass spectrometer for He gas analysis, and Olympus binocular microscope systems for grain characterisation.

Rm and Rm, McCoy Building Fission track Laboratory The FT laboratory is part of our thermochronology research program providing fission track analysis of the minerals apatite, zircon and titanite.

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