Dating Rules On Social Media

Take satisfaction in knowing that you were the one that held out, and enjoy the peace while it lasts. Unfriending someone is drastic, best reserved for those who made a transgression that cuts deep. It might feel liberating to click that button, but time after time, it will come back to bite you in the ass. Instead, hide their posts, because no one wants to see that their ex is listening to the same Steely Dan song over and over again or posting long-winded status updates about the government shutdown.

These things that you once found endearing will gnaw at you, so do yourself a favor and get them out of your newsfeed. Twitter is powered by human interaction and it is this fact that makes it so compelling. You can tell a lot — or nothing at all — about someone by how they chose to use this beast. Is it mostly Foursquare check-ins and weird selfies? The current habit of instantly connecting on social media when you meet someone you're romantically interested in is one that needs to end.

Same goes for connecting your Instagram feed to your online dating profile. As my yoga teacher Anthony always says: There should be some mystery, and getting to know each other via face-to-face interaction and conversation should be your primary goal. It might sound tough to avoid, but admit it - you'd probably feel relieved that you don't have to consult a social psychologist just to understand whether an Instagram tag means you're in a relationship.

Dating is challenging enough without the struggle to interpret how every status update might affect your future relationship. No Cyberstalking Maybe you're already following the above no-friending rule. The object of your desire might not even be someone you're dating. Regardless of your "friend", "follower" or relationship status, you've most likely spent some time "researching" your love interest on social media.

Have you ever found yourself going down the social media rabbit hole that leads you to knowing where all members of your new girlfriend's family live and what they've named their children? In your heart, you probably know this is too much information too soon. No good can come from it. If things work out between you, you will eventually find out all you need or want to know about his nieces and his prom date. And you might be actually sabotaging your future by making all sorts of assumptions about him from his curated Instagram feed that have little connection to the reality of dating him.

Not to mention that you are destroying an opportunity for the two of you to organically share important information about each other as your relationship progresses. I have a perfect illustration of the pitfalls of this from my own dating life - I had just started dating someone and went all in on cyberstalking him online.

I found out about a family member's suicide and the foundation his family had started to assist people battling with depression. It felt like I was invading his privacy and I instantly regretted my "research". When he eventually shared this information with me face-to-face, I made a snap decision to pretend I didn't already know - I had found out in the "rabbit hole" and we weren't Facebook friends.

I didn't want to look like a stalker, so instead I became I liar. Once you have the conversation to become an item and please, talk about it in person beforehand -- a request to change your status is not an acceptable form of telling someone you want to be with them , then you have every reason to make it public. Friending Want to know more about your romantic interest's friends? Wait until an introduction. Don't friend his pals just to see more photos. Instead, ask him what he and his friends like to do for fun.

It's more organic, and if he's really into you, he's probably already told them about you. The same applies for family members. In case it wasn't obvious, don't friend his mother. Foursquare Unless you're both admittedly devout, badge-hungry Foursquare users, don't tag your significant other when you check in, especially if you're not already friends on the service. The world doesn't need to know you're on a date. There's nothing wrong with finding a good deal or trying a hot place through location-based services, but try to remember you didn't go on a date just to level up on the "Bender Badge.

Twitter Don't use Twitter to talk about the date to your friends, or to the person you're going on the date with. And PDA is sexier when it's a little more discreet, so send a message via text or DM. Also, easy on following everyone your significant other follows -- it's kind of like spying. You have your interests, he has his. There will be an opportunity to overlap.

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PARAGRAPH. If they do, asian gay dating sites uk was the phone? Before social media, there was the phone. We get meria before we get hurt. Playing all the little games gets ridiculous. PARAGRAPH. The idea that there is dating rules on social media something, you can have that happily ever after. The biggest game played was how long to wait till one calls after a date. The idea that there is always something, that we are the best. We live in a social media world?

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