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Commenting Indirect approach This is an excellent casual way to start a conversation with anyone for any reason. It also has the potential for an instant 'Friend zone' because the other party may think you're just being conversational. But not too friendly. But don't really talk to him. But not TOO much conversation. Stand on your head. Just like with the first option however, this is a good way to filter out unassertive men.

Assertive men will take notice of your effort and handle the rest. Don't worry your pretty little simple head. Man Here To Make Thing Better. And why are women only after assertive men? Some like 'em shy! Again, I don't see the connection between being timid and being worthy of a relationship. Direct approach In a nutshell it's basically saying, "I'm Sara and I like you.

Get his attention with a simple 'excuse me', then tell him why you're there. It could be his sharp style, confident presence, hipster swag, or great smile. Excuse me, but I can't hear myself think over your HIPSTER SWAG. You decide, but don't say something more timid at the end and avoid telling him what you really like. A woman who is willing to be bold has the option to make the first move instead of waiting for a man to read her mind.

Take charge and get what you want. Being bold, just like being assertive, is a personality trait. Some women have it, some don't; just like some men have it and some don't. A "dating coach" shouldn't tell people how to change themselves to get a date -- instead, people should be encouraged to be confident in who they are and use their sparkly personalities to find someone right for them, whether they take the "bull by the horns" or not.

Why does something that seems so easy have to be so hard! Hi, I am Edel Walsh, a relationship counsellor and coach from Love Done Well. For 13 years I have been helping people solve their relationship problems. I work with couples who who are struggling in their relationships and help them discover the tools to Do Love Well. I also help individuals solve the problems that prevent them from having a fulfilling relationship, and work towards finding that special someone.

You want to find the person NOW! But dating is a process, and it develops through a series of stages which are necessary steps to take before establishing a relationship. This workshop will show you how to identify and move through the Stages of Dating Done Well. Find out how to communicate and connect with your date in the most effective ways. Walking around with stars in your eyes makes you feel that everything is perfect in your life. The Science of Attachment Styles There is now a wealth of knowledge in the neuroscience field that shows how early attachment experiences from childhood influence the partners you choose and how you relate to them.

Self-regulation in the Chemistry Department Even when you find the right partner — or think you have — there are going to be things that the person does that disturb, irritate, confuse or anger you. You need to accept that no one is ever going to meet all your needs. You will also examine what you are doing right and, which dating behaviors you need to improve upon. We will also show you how to set boundaries when your date engages in behaviors that are unacceptable to you.

In this workshop, you will learn about the Stages of Relationship Development so that you know what to expect as you move forward in your relationship together.

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