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Honesty is the best policy. Same goes with your broke ass pretending to be a young Bill Gates. She will see right through you and you will end up looking like a lying scrub. Girls at UF are like the girls of TLC. Treat people well and they will do the same in return. Doing occasional acts of kindness and having manners are sure-fire ways to win over girls. Smiling gives off the impression of being sincere and inviting, which makes everyone around you more friendly and comfortable as well. Since so many girls find smiling attractive, show off your grill as much as possible.

Unfortunately women want their man to look like Dwayne Johnson instead of Prince these days. Walk with your head up and back straight to provide the illusion that you are taller. Who knew good posture would come in handy? However, women tend to feel more negative about hookups than men do, and one-night stands and sex with semi-strangers tend to make people feel the worst. It makes you wonder…how many hook-ups conceal a desire for something more?

The Choice is Yours Whatever decision you end up making about your dating and social life at this age, make it an informed one, based on your own preferences and desires. What are you looking for-- at this time, and in the future? What are your hopes and aspirations for romantic relationships? What kind of relationship will make you feel loved, respected, and honored as a person? This time of life can be romantically confusing, but also exciting.

Enjoy meeting new people and discovering what works for you. By Carol Church, lead writer, SMART Couples, Department of Family, Youth and Community Sciences, University of Florida References Holman, A. The influence of college student social networks on nonrelationship sex. Health Communication, 27 2 , A new standard of sexual behavior?

Are claims associated with the "hookup culture" supported by general social survey data? Journal of Sex Research, 51 6 , Has hanging out replaced traditional dating?

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