Online Dating Social Experiment

I'd basically never done it before. Every time I'd ever dated someone, it went like this—I met them at school, we hung out with a group of friends because teenagers don't go on dates until they're, you know, dating , confessed our crushes to each other and then became an item. Dating in your teens is both horrible and magical in ways that I still don't understand, even having lived through it.

The point is, I realized I was 24 and I'd never met someone outside of a classroom or a campus—I'd never locked eyes with a handsome nobody across a crowded bar, or had a meet-cute in the park with a beautiful stranger like movies and TV shows taught me dating in my 20s would be like. It's not that I was in a rush to get back into a relationship, but I still found myself having anxiety about how I would meet people when I was ready to put myself back out there. I'd spent two post-grad years listening to my friends complain about dating in the real world, and despite my own quiet unhappiness, I still remember thinking to myself, "I'm so glad I don't have to deal with this.

And it was weird. I'll give you the run-down of what my dating life was like in the time that followed. I joined Tinder and OkCupid at the suggestion of friends, swiping furiously even though I had no idea what I was looking for in a partner other than "cute" and "nice. As a result, I wound up facing harassment and meeting—and either having bad experiences with, or being hurt by—a lot of people. I learned very quickly that dating was the worst and that people were the worst and that trying to meet people online was dumb and pointless and futile.

So I deleted my accounts, only to reactivate them every other week in the middle of the night after laying awake in bed realizing I still had no idea how else I would know who was out there. Eight months after my breakup, when I was firmly planted in the "online dating is dumb, but I guess I'm doing it anyway" camp, I read a post on BuzzFeed in which the author replied to her Tinder matches using only Taylor Swift lyrics. The reactions from her matches were hilarious, and I mused about what would happen if I conducted a similar experiment—what lyrics would I use?

Would my matches figure it out? Would it provide me a reprieve from the horrors of online dating? I thought back to the band that had always gotten me through my bad days—Dashboard Confessional—and I tweeted this to my very tiny amount of followers:. Curious what would happen if I started responding to Tinder dudes with only Dashboard Confessional lyrics.

A few friends texted me to say I absolutely had to do it, and with a handful of people in on it and encouraging me, I started friendly-trolling my Tinder matches with song lyrics. I made a Tumblr for it to keep track of the responses, and then, when I had a bunch, wrote it up as a BuzzFeed Community post. Before I knew it, the band was sharing it to their social media channels, my inbox was overflowing with messages, and I was freaking out.

I kept it up for about a year and a half—I officially said goodbye to the blog a few months ago to free up time to focus on other things—and in that time I learned and continue to learn some important things about myself, and, you know I used to start every conversation with a "hey, what's up? Maybe I'd learn techniques from the men trying to woo me. He filmed his makeover from donning his long dark wig to fitting chicken fillets into his strapless bra for the clip, posted on the What If?

After a close shave, he pulled on a tight black lacy dress, plucked his eyebrows and completed his look with smoky eye make-up and bright pink lipstick. Once his transformation was complete he began taking his selfies that would form the foundation of his new profile. Simone had one Harry Potter-themed message which Sy noted was referring to the man's penis, left, and he was surprised to find how crude some were. Sy had 'chicken fillets' to create breasts inserted into a bra, left, and had a dark wig and heavy makeup applied.

Sy took selfies for his dating profile as his new glamorous female persona in a lacy black dress and jewellery. Sy decided to call himself Simone, that he was 28 and she was the kind of person who would take mirror selfies and pictures outside holding a coffee cup. But even he was surprised by the success of his experiment.

Many of the messages open with 'hi' or 'hello' but then he found some more interesting ones. He imitated Joey from Friends to read one, 'How you doin'? The openers failed to impress Sy who urged single men 'to put some thought' into their messages. Sy took her new outfit for a spin outside to create a variety of pictures for the profile, posing with a coffee cup.

Sy was bemused right to receive so many off-colour messages including many that were outright X-rated. One crude opener started off harmless enough. There were plenty more steamy messages. One direct man wrote: While another was slightly more complimentary and wrote 'damn girl' with a winking face. Because you're smoking hot and I want to stick your butt in my mouth. Simone's dating app profile had her age at 28 and a picture of Sy following his makeover.

Amid the deluge of filth, one suitor actually left Sy impressed when he wrote: One went for insulting, possibly as a way of getting Simone's attention, and wrote: While another went on the charm offensive and sent Simone: One went for a very brief introduction and posted: Sy was shocked right by some of the filthy responses left he received from online suitors.

At the end of his experience Sy said many of the openers were something noone would 'say to someone in a bar' and he preferred the genuine messages. But Sy was confused by one down with the kids sender who wrote: At the end of his experience, Sy told the camera: The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 Next.

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Single man who posed as a woman in online dating experiment is left shocked when he gets 400 messages in three days (and most are absolute filth)

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