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Is it any better or worse than Grindr in this regard? Any tips on using it? I'm not desperate, but simply having trouble finding guys that want more than a one-nighter. I'm 31, very single Pics on previous posts. All the gay sites seem to just be sex-oriented. I'm afraid to open Tinder and see the same guys that were on Grindr You will probably see some of the same guys on both apps. But with Tinder in my experience you have the possibility of seeing a lot more different profiles.

I would give it a shot, I met my last two boyfriends on there. I met my bf on hornet like 8 months ago, people don't really beg for sex on it like Grindr etc.. I think the biggest indicator of what sites will be used for what type of activities occur from those apps is location. If you're rural or in an isolated small city, you're only going to see the same guys on the apps.

If you're in a good sized city with a decent gay scene, there may be a significant difference in who is on which app. Tinder and OkCupid will be more for dating, Grindr, Scruff, and Jack'd will be mostly for hooking up. Hornet is usually an interesting mix. Thanks for the advice, maybe I'll hold off for now If you don't have a public face pic, it's expected that you'll send one early in the conversation. Most gay apps are focused on getting laid. If you are not out to hookup, some apps, like Grinder, Jack'd, and Hornet are probably not for you.

And the other apps you will have to specifically say you are looking for hookups and want to date. Otherwise you will be asked constantly, "Do you want to hookup? I know this because I have 15 gay apps and that is exactly what I use them for. Guys like me will see a hot new guy and want hookup with you right away unless you warn us off. It is a stereotype that gay men have lots of sex because many of us do.

I've hooked up with 5 guys in the last 8 days and turned down maybe a dozen others in that time. So specify the age range you are looking for, what your interests are, dating, no hookups etc. Many guys put things like "I'm a bottom" even if they are only looking to date because frankly two bottoms or two tops are unlikely to be able to have a fulfilling sexual relationship.

I don't really have any experience so for now I'd say I'm vers. And yeah, I don't think I'm looking for any casual hookups. So yeah, all that is solid advice. Once you change it to gay or bi it will all instantly become hookup apps. Beware and be very clear about what you want, most guys won't even read your profile before sending nude pics or asking for a hookup.

I personally read profiles on apps, especially on okcupid but keep profiles short and concise on the apps such as grindr, tinder, jack'd etc. So often people only care about the picture and then message. I am an early 40's bi guy. Recently started looking around to explore. Its kind of like Tinder but more features and, in my opinion, better design. I've tried that one, but there were just not enough guys around me active on it to bother with. I wanted control back over my life.

I feel like im so much more free without them. I'm so glad I'm devoid of Grindr deadbeats and Facebook nonsense. Yes and it HAS helped me. I also don't get on here as much cause THIS sub did the same thing to me. Gay people are judgemental af. The funny thing is half these judging fags are ugly insecure mother fuckers. It's just best to work on yourself and look IRL. People can hide on apps and hurt your feelings. IRL most of the people who are rejecting you are probably people you won't like anyways.

REMEMBER pics don't have a voice, a walk, or a smell. These dudes have gotten good with misleading pics nowadays! I've met guys and have been SHOCKED with how different they were versus what I thought they would be like based off pics. A lot of us have ourselves to work on yet. There was a point in my life during a relationship, where I felt like I wasn't mature enough for the person I was with or subsequent relationships. There were many reasons I felt I had to break up with him, but eventually did, and took about a 2 year break to just get my life together as a whole.

Going back to dating now and I feel like I've learned and gained so much during that break time. You definitely don't have to take nearly as long of a break, but having time to yourself can definitely help you out in the long run. Sure, I've had a time or two when I've had to do that before I got into a relationship. It's about self care. The need for me that I was trying to express via the dating apps was trying to solve my loneliness.

I got by and kinda fixed the issue was by turning my attention to other things, like you said. I deleted them for about 4 months. I have Tinder again now, but I hardly ever check it so for all intents and purposes it, too, is gone.

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