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I went on a few terrible dates and ended up getting married too young to a very undemonstrative guy. Turns out, it wasn't me Truly the worst city for dating. Then I moved to LA and a few years after that I got a divorce. One of the reasons I was with my ex for so long was because I was TERRIFIED to date in LA. I'd heard the horror stories about trying to date in LA in your 30s. I ended up having a blast! Guys here were so much nicer than back in Boston. Heck, they paid for dinner Lots of guys in Boston would say "Sure!

On a first date. They asked me out on REAL dates instead of "A bunch of us are going to see a band on Friday I know You will not response after you read my profile. I don't know what to say to you all to reply to me I'm new at this. I used to ride dirt bikes I still do. Just don't own one due to the fact that I need to wake up every morning and be able to work.

Lol broken 67 bones. Then please just say that. Honesty goes a long way andI think it's actually the polite thing to do. Just a guy, message me if you really care to know anything about me. I won't refrain in sharing any details about myself, I promise. Will send puppy pics and memes.

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