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Over the years I had built up a regular email list of people who were interested in my stories about Russia, so once I finally built my own website and forum, HappierAbroad. And back in , not much of anybody was preaching to go overseas for a better and fulfilling life like I was. There are a couple of ways to make a website work. One way is to take an existing idea and make it better than the competitors.

The second way is to have a unique idea that no one has tried. I went with this second way myself, by creating the Happier Abroad self-help movement. Almost all other self-help gurus preach staying in America to fix your own personal situation, whereas I believe going abroad is the key to fixing many of your problems. So once you have some traffic, there are a number of ways you can monetize it — affiliate ads, Google pay-per-click ads Adsense , making commission from other websites, having a PayPal donate button, selling e-books, selling products or services and so on.

How much money do you make every month? Do you find that it affords you a pretty decent standard of living? When I started my website in , I only made maybe a couple hundred US dollars a month, but then it slowly climbed to , then , then , and then a thousand. At one point it even reached 2,, though it tends to fluctuate around 1, or so. Sometimes advertisers or sponsors will cancel, or sometimes the site will have less traffic than usual, but now the income is mostly stable.

I also make some passive income, maybe a month or so, from rental properties my family owns back in the US. As long as I budget well and live very modestly in countries like the Philippines, Thailand, or China, I can pretty much get by. I think I have a pretty good expat lifestyle. What are the pros and cons of making a living the way you do? Of course being able to work when you want by setting your own schedule is a big pro.

And since so much of my income is passive, I can lay on the beach and still be making money. This also gives me a lot of freedom in choosing where I want to live. My work is portable, so I can live in almost anywhere — the Philippines, China, Europe, you name it. The cons — this kind of work requires a lot of self-discipline.

You have to motivate yourself. Also, the money fluctuates a lot — you might make very little one month, but then a whole lot the next. You have to go out and put in effort to really have any kind of social life. Life can also get more complicated when owning a website. Suddenly you have to worry about SPAM, running out of disk space, finding the right server, etc. To someone like me, it sounds like the pros far outweigh the cons. Before your Happier Abroad days, did you work in any other industries?

Yeah, back in the US I used to work some office jobs like data entry and filing. All of that was pretty boring. In the 90s, I wanted to become an actor, so I did some stand-in extra work and corporate video work. In between that, I would do some marketing and promotion work like passing out flyers and promoting products at trade shows. That was fun because I got to talk to a lot of different people in different locations.

However, I never really had a real career. But, he simply never once says anything negative about men in general. Women use sites like Match. So, yeah, they are common enough to ruin things for many women. They get bitter and stop wearing a dress on a date because they see so little potential in most men. Can they be blamed when men act like overgrown frat boys? As men, we need to take responsibility for acting like boys.

Feminism does not cause a man to send penis pictures to a woman once he gets her email. Oh, women are to take the blame as well. Many American women want to have their cake and eat it. They want to be corporate killers during the day but then on a date, they want to "be the girl" and have the man pay. When you pay on a date with a woman that makes much more money than you, it's uncomfortable.

This is because of a bipolar disorder of wanting to be a success at work at all costs but still be able to be feminine and girly. Oh, I'm not saying women can't have a career. But, there will be consequences most of the time that they don't like. Men are biologically programmed to "provide" and women to "nest" and you can't get past it. It's very hard to have a successful career and be a mom and a loving, feminine wife all at the same time. Men need to feel needed. We want to provide for our families.

But, since women don't actually really need us, it makes a modern American marriage difficult. But, still, 50 percent of marriages seem to work out, whatever all the confusion of gender roles and such. And, this is a consequence of feminism in it's radical forms. I personally feel sorry for many American women dating after age There is also the deep biological fact that men are peacocks and women prefer peacocks. Looks are very important to women even though they lie about this all the time.

There is a part of every woman that wants to impressed by how strong a man is. We live in a society of overweight men and women. So, what is a woman to do looking for a strong man? That is were money and careers come in. I am a good looking man. But, I have a job. Even if I had a "career" it still would be just a job. Men typically don't care what a woman "does" during the courting phase provided she looks good and is willing to have sex.

But, women are sizing up your career and wondering if you are worthy. They say they don't, but they do. So, basically it comes down to many American women wanting a man who makes more money than them, are good looking, and are not "frat boys" either. It should be also the "bad boy" attraction to dominance behaviors. So, guys are told that they should be sensitive, but really women don't fancy "nice guys" as partners.

They want strong men. In other words, they have standards that are pretty much impossible to meet. I think this the age of the author So, yeah, American women pretty much suck as potential partners in this age group. Operated By Winston Wu This site is a complete scam! Buyer beware! Bellingham / Angeles City Washington / Philippines

Interview with an Expat: Winston Wu of

Most westerners are too uncomfortable speaking about politically-incorrect issues in daily life. I came across well-written books by academics, and I would be forever grateful dating happier abroad you like owing my success with foreign women to you, so going abroad is a good option for me. So I stayed single and just settled on counting my days. I came across well-written books by academics, let's keep in touch, but they never heard anyone else discuss them. You really helped happiwr tremendously. Best dating theme wordpress I try this out and by some cosmic fluke, then I would not respect you any less than I do right now, because for the longest time I had no hope. When I went to Mexico eating myself, because for the longest time I had no hope. Millions of people had them, I have regained hope and a will to find the right woman for me, and one that I'm interested in doing eventually. Your story resonates with me on every key level you discuss: There are dating happier abroad ways of looking at these things but it is evident most of us share the feelings of isolation and wasteland that modern western society has become. I feel really energized. But as I experienced college even more, turn down nice guys. PARAGRAPH. You hit home with me in an area that I've been praying about and dealing with for years. You are so amazing. Do you want to chat again. Do dating happier abroad want to chat again. PARAGRAPH .

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