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Refer to Board Rules Can I submit a bid for an engineering project? A license holder can only submit a competitive bid on private engineering projects. A license holder cannot submit a competitive bid on public projects like projects for any city, county, state, or independent school district. Does the Board register firms? Yes, and before you offer or provide engineering services, you must register your firm. Effective January 1, , the Board began registering firms.

You can obtain a Firm Registration Application by contacting the Board office or downloading the application from our web site. Graduates of all public universities recognized by the American Association of Colleges and Universities who have a degree from an ABET engineering program have the right to disclose any college degrees received and use the title "Graduate Engineer" on stationery, business cards, and personal communications of any character.

A graduate engineer who is employed by a registered firm and who is supervised by a licensed professional engineer may use the term "engineer". Refer to the Texas Engineering Practice Act, Section Can I perform land surveying or architecture as an engineer? You may perform engineering surveys that includes all survey activities required to support the sound conception, planning, design, construction, maintenance, and operation of an engineered project, but does not include the surveying of real property and other activities regulated under the Professional Land Surveying Practices Act Article C, Vernon's Texas Civil Statues.

Likewise, the Texas Board of Architectural Examiners governs the practice of architecture. Do I need a license to be an expert witness? Expert witnesses, as long as they are preparing documents or evidence for court, are exempted from licensure. Do I need to notify the board if I believe that someone has violated the Texas Engineering Practice Act or Board rules? License holders shall first notify involved parties or the Board of any engineering decisions or practices that might endanger the health, safety, property, or welfare of the public.

When, in an engineer's judgment, any risk to the public remains, unresolved, that engineer shall report any fraud, gross negligence, incompetence, misconduct, unethical or illegal conduct to the Board or proper civil or criminal authorities. What do I do when I'm asked to correct or complete a project begun by another engineer?

An engineer, as a third party, may alter, complete, correct, revise, or add to the work of another engineer when engaged to do so by a client, provided: The second engineer of the engagement immediately upon acceptance of the engagement notifies the first engineer in writing. Any work altered, completed, corrected, revised, or added to shall have a seal affixed by the second engineer. The second engineer then becomes responsible for any alterations, additions or deletions to the original design including any effect or impact of those changes on the original engineer's design.

Can an architect perform the engineering for a building that is over 5, square feet? Engineering for buildings that are in excess of 5, square feet must be performed by a licensed engineer in Texas. Refer to the Texas Engineering Practice Act, Sections If I am licensed in another state, can I use the P. Ready to try it out? Register now and meet great Austin singles today!

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