Dating In The Dark New York

The show process started with an audition for producers where I detailed my dating life. After I passed that phase, I moved on to a very long personality test. Yes, I drink alcohol. Yes, I believe in true love. No, I never thought of killing my family. I passed again and I was accepted onto the show. I soon learned that I not only get to date all the girls on the show, but that one girl in particular was chosen to be there specifically for me, based on my personality test and the advice of compatibility experts.

How many times can you say you've walked into a bar knowing a girl there was specifically chosen for you? The show sounded awesome, at this point. The week in the "Dating in the Dark" house was a whirlwind of "blind" dates and fun activities. Men and women were separated in different wings of the house and we only met the opposite sex on dates in the central dark room.

At first, we chose whomever we wanted to date. Then we had a mix of free-choice dates, and dates with our expertly matched partner. I had my doubts, but I found I was choosing to meet the same girl the experts selected for me. And we didn't need any light to have an awesome time. We cooked meals, drank wine, shared personal stories and even had a chance to golf.

But we really got to know each other. And it surprised me how much more quickly I got to know all three girls in one week than anyone else I'd dated in that same amount of time. If you want to know if I'm still dating my match, you'll have to watch the show. Sheep Station - a cozy fireplace to go with that pie! Brooklyn Brewery - if you love beer. Hotel Chantelle - for a night of burlesque… Dating in NYC - the Perfect Winter Date Dating in New York in winter can get dark, very dark.

So how about some romance in the dark? Nothing to perk you up on a bleak winter day like good date. Le Barricou - get cozy by the fireplace in the backroom. Ice skating and horse drawn carriages in Central Park. Bring some hot chocolate and enjoy! MomA or the Museum of Sex , perhaps? There are a ton of museums in New York, so why not get cultural? Go for a stroll outside in the snow afterwards drinking something warm and talking about the exhibition you just saw, or cuddle up by a fireplace.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden - brilliant for winter as they have a large conservatory.

Dating in the Dark

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