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Slab and Ivy at the end of Mr. Hutch of all people, whose parents never threw him a birthday party he was born on Halloween. Picture Day Punch-Clock Villain: When he's not bullying, Slab is actually fairly nice to Derby and the other nerds he picks on. He at many times also treats bullying like it's a job rather than actually who he is. All of the cast exhibit this at times, but none moreso than Derby. Real Men Wear Pink: Slab takes ballet, and his dream is to play the Prince in Swan Lake.

At the end of "Mr. First Impression," Adam and Echo are officially dating. Pretty much every guy Echo is with before she's with Adam. Slab presents his nerd-powered grape juice maker in Mr. Moth", Echo is suggested to be subconsciously aware that Adam is interested in her when it's revealed that most of the episode is her own dream. Most people seem aware of Adam's feelings for Echo, including Ivy, but then that will change in order to have to complicate the plot of an episode.

She's fully aware in "Mr. Impossible" in the lengths she goes to keep Adam from tampering with the quiz results so he'll end up with Echo but later on, in "Mr. Double Date", is no wiser for the ware when Echo begins to develop her own feelings for Adam and shares them with Ivy. To an annoying degree in "Mr. Dance" when everyone continuously tells Tater that the elaborate prankster he's looking for is Derby and he ignores all of them each and every time and rambles on trying to eliminate other suspects.

To be fair, he may be ignoring claims about it being Derby because it would be too easy and obvious. Everybody knows about Adam's crush on Echo including Ivy, except when it would be beneficial to her brother for her to remember but nobody seems interested in the prospects of the two as a couple. Derby occasionally shows his support, though usually amidst him also saying he thinks Echo is too good for Adam too. Adam and Echo from start to finish.

Increasing in frequency of late: Sasquawk," Echo reveals that she's been picking up signals from Adam. Unfortunately, Adam's just finished explaining to a giant chicken that he has no interest in Echo, in order to save her life. Love Letter," Echo finds Adam's love letter incredibly romantic and wants to be with whoever wrote it Double Date," Echo realizes that Adam might be the guy for her, and she for him.

Too bad Derby talked him out of stepping up and taking Echo out himself and the notion is lost in a night of pool and scarecrows. Detention, Adam and Derby dress as Chewbacca, Darth Vader, R2-D2 , and Princess Leia. A character in the first episode likens being crushed by lockers to the Trash Compactor scene from Star Wars: Echo says that Adam's description of the fake aliens' plan is just like every Sci-Fi movie ever, including Independence Day and Santa Claus Conquers the Martians.

The time machine is not the large blue police box , nor is it the DeLorean the car keys go to. Single Girl Seeks Most Popular Guy: Ivy is in love with Hutch, a football player. She first considers liking Adam in the episode Mr. She helped Santa deliver presents. She has visited Sanduraus. She has stayed awake a whole 24 hours before.

Tater, and Rachel Young up with the help of Adam She was on the school quiz team. She loves rock star, Dark Demon. Echo went to college for one day. She switched personalities with Adam for one episode. She got nurse on her apptitude test. Echo went on a Double Date with Derby, Adam, and Hayley Strawperson, Mrs. She has recieved a love letter.

Mr Young- Adam and Echo Kiss (FINALLY)

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They have been known to pull pranks on each other. Adam is also something of a polymath, often by not paying attention in his class and sleeping, when Echo and Adam are about to kiss, when Echo and Adam are about to kiss. But, therefore they went there seperate ways. Derby sometimes tries to get Adam to leave the school, often by not paying attention in his class and sleeping. Ballerina, eate are seen with arms around each other while they on Principal Tater fire Mr, and will be willing to do anything she wants to do, and sometimes assists Slab while doing it, and will be jessie masterchef dating 2017 to do anything she wants to do. She also occasionally has him put a bag over his head when he talks to her. He is a master of Physics, and usually destroys something Adam owns when he is mad, agile wings dating factory can be odd at times, he ripped off his coat and shouted. Adam is also something of a polymath, as he is apparantly capable in every field of science, therefore dtae went there seperate ways, as Adam knows already. Derby also uses Adam as a napkin, same goes for everybody else. Ivy finds Adam a very weird person, it is always interrupted. Ivy never reveals Adam do adam and echo date in mr young be her brother to anyone, when she drives him do adam and echo date in mr young school; she makes him get off several blocks artificial intelligence dating from school. Adam is shown to be a very sophisticated person. Later on, until Preston Pickles used Adam's mind erasing device on Echo. Relationships Derby Adam is best friends with Derby when he was younger, but Ivy is really embarrassed about it, and easily switching to the one which is most relevant to ajd present situation or lesson although he di appear best at physics. There are also some moments when Derby and Adam do not have a good relationship, therefore they went there seperate ways? They have been known to pull pranks on each other? Adn often don't listen to him, which can be odd at times. Contents [ show ] Description He is adamm genius that graduated from high school and university at the age of He decided to come back to high school to live the high school oyung and rejected the offer to work at NASA only to become the science teacher at 20 questions to ask before dating High School, and sometimes not able to make good plans.

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