Dating Sites For Personal Trainers

I used all the big sites at the time such as Match and Plenty of Fish and if the is to be truth be told, I had a pretty good success rate. Yeah you guessed it. Probably none or not that many. Equally if I had seen this girls profile below I would have run a mile as would most guys. They are trying to make the sale and seal the deal on day one.

This is a big mistake and is the equivalent of asking a girl to marry you at a bar before you even know her name. You have to go though the same dating process with your potential clients. Instead, the real issues surface after advances have been made and gestures accepted…or rejected. If you come on too strong, a client may feel offended, violated, or embarrassed.

They may request a different trainer or submit a formal complaint to your employer. If you engage in what you believe is harmless flirting with the hopes of possibly striking a relationship, you could find yourself treading on very thin ice when it comes to the freedom to perform your duties as a personal trainer with others. You never know when a client will turn into a jealous admirer filled with insecurity, as you work with another they may label as competition.

Depending on your place of employment, it is usually inappropriate to make such public exhibitions as an employee of a gym. Company policy most often prohibits blatant displays of affection between a personal trainer and their patrons, and may even institute a regulation that forbids personal trainer client dating. When crossing the line with a client, you may face job loss or receive reprimand for your actions. After all, it's still her place of business. And although her job was always to make your hair look good, once you're dating, she calls the shots on how you style your hair.

Let the products commence! Absolutely do not come back," says Ellis. Find someone new to knead the knots in your back. Sure, a quick rubdown before bed is okay—as long as you return the favor. Either stay single and let her come to you, or don't hit on her until you've moved the heck out, advises Christine Mattheis Allyn, a New York-based editor who has lived with several guy roommates in the past.

Watch TV in the evening without a bra on? Resist the urge to spend all of your time together, recommends Mattheis Allyn, who watched one of her female friends couple up with a roomie.

It’s a thing: Women fall for their personal trainers and here’s why

Dating a female personal trainer

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