Setting Up Speed Dating Business

If you need to extend a round by seconds or cut a round short by seconds, you can do this on the fly without anyone noticing. Our schedules are arranged in alphabetical order by last name, which allows us to easily find individual schedules when they arrive to the event. This Event Video also helps act as a guide. In an effort to expedite the check-in process, we hand out a 1-page information sheet to each participant that explains how the event will work.

This is important if you have a first time event, as it will answer a lot of questions for participants and allow you to focus on running the event. Participants will arrive at different times typically over a minute time window and during this time we encourage everyone to mingle with those around them. After all, it is a networking event!

As the moderator, it is critical that you maintain control and set the tone for the event. Try and limit the instructions to minutes. One critical element to the success of your event is maintaining control, and as silly as some of the commands below may seem….. This signals that the round has begun. Inform participants that they are half way through a particular round. This gives them an idea of how much time is left and it also is a signal to allow the other person to have a chance to talk.

Three others cited sickness and a work obligation, and one was a no-show. This is when life takes a funny in hindsight turn, leaving me with too many men. And although the men were as friendly and talkative as I had hoped they would be, the majority of them thought it appropriate to tell their dates that they were attending for free.

Let me tell you, the women had a hard time seeing my side of this story. Even though I did get a match, if anyone asks what I thought of the whole experience, I will inform them that I would not do it again as the men were there under false pretense, and certainly not with yourself as the Event Coordinator. I was tired, and felt like my 8minutes was up. I realized it was time to turn in my bell.

Love Lessons Learned First: Cupid I am not. A yenta, or a Dolly Levi, I shall never be. Not so much a lesson as an insight. Speed-dating is one of many ways to meet a new love, but it is not right for everyone. When I consider why the concept attracted me so, and look back at the several men I met and dated—briefly—while serving as EO, it becomes clearer. I was a fan of the eight-minute date because that is what worked for me.

At that time, as a single parent of two kids and two dogs, with a full-time job and a home to run, a speed date was all I could manage; all I could commit to. To those of you newly looking, or still looking, or in the midst of packing up your bells and staplers, I say: How to Host a Speed Dating Event at Your Restaurant Hosting a speed dating night is an excellent opportunity for your restaurant or bar to facilitate romance while also attracting new patrons.

Many businesses charge participants a registration or cover fee, which, along with food drink sales, will increase your revenue. In addition to creating a pleasant and playful environment, a successful speed dating event will strengthen your restaurant's reputation and improve the likelihood of drawing first time or repeat customers. What is Speed Dating? The first speed dating event took place in California in late and was inspired by a rabbi who sought to help Jewish singles meet new people and get married.

Speed dating is designed to give participants the opportunity to go on mini dates with anywhere from 10 to 25 or more people in a single evening. Each date lasts between 3 and 10 minutes, giving the pair time to get to know each other while also keeping them from being stuck with a bad match for too long. During the dating portion of the evening, a predetermined group of individuals will stay seated at the same tables throughout the night, while the rest of the participants will move from table to table.

When the allotted time is up, the host will ring a buzzer or bell signifying that it is time to move to the next date. At the end of the event, participants write down the names of anyone they are interested in; if there is a match, the host will forward contact information to both people within a day or so.

How to Host a Speed Dating Event at Your Restaurant

How to Host a Speed Dating Event

You do not want to have senior citizens show up if you have primarily advertised to college students. Organizing the events merely takes a bit of time, and persistence, you contact them the following day to let them know if they made a match with someone. Set a price for the event so you know what to say when you begin advertising. Detail an age range for the event. Computer Speed Dating Website To find out how to set up speed dating, do a search online? As the event coordinator, and they can even help you setting up speed dating business up the speed dating event. Typically, do a search online. It is a good idea to give yourself three to four weeks in order to locate a venue, planning, and persistence? Try to keep your first party to under 30 total people! If you are trying to set up a speed dating dating sites free best, and to get things organized. Confirm with your contact person a date and online dating tips and tricks for the event to be at the venue. You do not want to have senior citizens show up if you have primarily advertised to college students. Obtain each irish dating ring contact info and you can confirm with them the day before the event. You should be able to secure the use of a setting up speed dating business for free because the venue will make money off of sales from drinks and light appetizers.

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