Facts About Dating An Architect

Love is supposedly on the cards for a lucky few, but with all those projects on the go, who has the time for romance in the design world? However, hope persists in the shape of some very creative couples that managed to build not only architectural masterpieces, but also a great relationship together. From Charles and Ray Eames, to Billie Tsien and Tod Williams, there are plenty out there who have transcended the trials of architecture and made it work.

Yes, as it turns out, your architect friend might just make for the perfect partner — or a great date, at the very least. Their attention to detail means date night will be perfectly planned every time. They have the patience of a saint except when the plotter breaks down. They will make you the best gifts ever using the laser cutter and the 3D printer in the office. They have GREAT commitment they got through architecture school , after all.

They know all the best honeymoon spots the architectural ones , at least. Add To Collection Save this image to a collection View Similar Images page. Via The Angry Architect. They know how to make the best coffee. They have the best taste in music. They have the best taste in holiday gifts. They have amazing dress sense. They will enjoy playing awesome video games and movies with you. They know culture like no one else. Via Architecture Ryan Gosling. They have a great sense of humor although you might not understand all their jokes.

They will never clash with you because they always wear black. They know all about Romanticism. They are passionate about what they do. They can make good conversation — about politics , about economics , about pop culture … and about architecture, of course. Select the search filter. Create an account for free.

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Edit Profile Activity Feed Message Board Messages Invite Friends Requests. You will likely find yourself in the middle of a discussion amongst a group of architecture friends and realize that you weren't really paying attention to or understanding the last 5 minutes of the conversation. And then you will jump in and say, "I'm sorry, what's a mullion? When compiling a list titled: You will also feel pretty lucky to have someone that has that much passion about their life's work.

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