Funniest Dating Headlines Of All Time

WOMAN BEATS OFF RAPIST fyi Fun FL girl Joined: If it's seven syllables long, I'll sing it to myself in the tune of "Camptown Races". It's fun if you're easily amused, and what's so great about being hard to amuse? I give it a "Don't be a dumbass" -Straight to the point I give it a "hey good head here" -WTF??? Scientists have been looking for the "missing link" and still haven't found him I like a challenge I just got the "I need a date and not a nut". Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut I don't know how many people even remember that slogan I can't help finishing the commercial in my head!

Page 1 of 4. What are some funny headlines you all have seen? My all time fave Nice, but I meant headlines on Plenty of Fish. Ok - I don't care who ya are - that right thar wus funny! I don't know that I've seen headlines that made me want to pee my pants before - but some of the profiles sure do. Too bad we're not allowed to name names. The Dally Lama guy. Brings to mind an image of a Tibetan sheep with big boobs. A most unsavory thought. Pages Dating Profiles Home About Mimi Lenox.

October 8, Crazy Hilarious Dating Profile Headlines. Bachelor 1 "Body Parts Still Work". Bachelor 2 "I tie my own flies. Bachelor 3 "2,th Time is the Charm". Bachelor 4 "Looking for my Next X". Bachelor 5 Father of the Year. Bachelor 6 Is a Full set of Teeth that important? Bachelor 7 "Life is just too cool to do alone. Bachelor 8 "I would sweep you off your feet but I recently broke my broom. Bachelor 9 "I want you to look good on my arm. Bachelor 10 "Flawed man seeking imperfect woman.

Bachelor 11 Sheridan from Mississippi. Bachelor 12 "Got a Comb? Bachelor 13 "Beauty is in the eyes of the beerholder. Bachelor 14 "I like to kiss my dog. Bachelor 15 "I still want magic but a party favor would sometimes work. Bachelor 16 No room in the Inn? Bachelor 17 "I don't claim to be the Dally Lama of Love. Bachelor 18 "I dance like a scared octopus. Bachelor 19 "I like to cuss but always try to be respectful. Bachelor 21 John Dear.

Bachelor 22 Your search is over. Bachelor 23 Name That Sport. Bachelor 24 Freud Would be Proud. Bachelor 25 "I want to glaze into your eyes. Bachelor 26 The Way We Were. Bachelor 27 Prepositional Propositions. Bachelor 28 "I can be shallow if I try. Bachelor 29 Present Tense Baggage Alert! Bachelor 30 A keen sense of Bachelor 31 Cafe Au Lait. Bachelor 32 Frankly, My Dear. Bachelor 33 "Lonely and looking for someone to spend. I live with my ex-wife and 3 teenage children.

Bachelor 35 "Looking for a Horse Woman". Bachelor 36 "I'm a One Women Man. Bachelor 37 "I'll get you my pretty, and your little dog too". Bachelor 38 G-Rated Justice. Bachelor 39 I'm OK. Bachelor 40 Your mama never told you this fairy tale. Bachelor 41 "I think most people are basically good, if only deep down. Bachelor 42 "Looking to take it real slow and see where it goes from there.

Bachelor 43 Chatty Charlie. Bachelor 44 Love That Ocean Spray. Bachelor 45 "If you're looking for a mama's boy. Bachelor 46 "Never been in a bad relationship, just ones that broke apart. Bachelor 47 This proves that men can't multi-task. Bachelor 49 The picture is fuzzy Bachelor 50 "If you're not into animals I wouldn't even bother getting to know me. Bachelor 51 "Is Cupid's arrow broken? Bachelor 52 "Just looking". Bachelor 53 "Laughter is the cure of all evils.

Bachelor 54 He's Got Game. You're not going to believe this. Bachelor 56 "No Axe Murderers Please! Bachelor 57 "Get busy livin' or get busy dying' ". Bachelor 58 "Life's been good to me, so far.

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The 5 Types of Online Dating Headlines that Snag Attention [With 25 Examples]

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