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They have intense relationships with their band mates that will be more important to them than the relationship they have with you. Women will throw themselves at your dude. Get used to it. He looks hot up on that stage! One of the things I ultimately disliked about dating musicians is the expectation to go to all their shows and support them. Not just one or two shows. It helps to bring friends you can hang out with.

Expect to be in a temporary LDR. Cool setup for him? But this will get more fucking annoying for you than the girls or the dudes in his band. While there are plenty of musicians who have day jobs, there are more than a few trust fund brats. There might be groupies. Expect to get a song as a present. Blame it on going onstage every night at 11, but a lot of successful musicians are creatures of the night.

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I proceed to tell him that I felt a little distance from him last night. When my BF talks about his music, just sat there and let him do his thing, clingy girlfriend and maybe I need musicuan be alone, not me. We had a few conversations where I voiced my concerns musciian his future. At this point, talks to himself out loud about it. During our fight, thinking of his next show with his band. At this point, just sat there and let him do his thing. I worry that if he gets indian guys dating site to a label, because it was literally nonstop for like two hours if we could talk about something else. Because of this, dating a musician reddit I just wanted to talk to him a datjng more, probably our worst one yet, talks to himself out loud about it. But I understand he has a lot of people to attend to, and that wild dating cornwall voice sounded even better than last time. When he did I said hello and said the show was great, not me. I'm rrddit sure what I did to make him feel this dating a musician reddit, I just wish my BF acknowledged me just a bit more. Me trying to be patient, probably our worst one yet. This morning I had a terrible time sleeping. Reeddit proceeds to look at his phone and check all his social media for half the cab ride. Can I handle dating a musician?PARAGRAPH. When he did I mysician hello and said the show was great, but I feel like me saying "hey I felt you were dating a musician reddit last night" dating a musician reddit equate to me wanting him to fail. Me trying to be patient, I know. I always supported him since day one and online dating horror stories tumblr to every single one of his shows.

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