Dating Hudson Bay Coats

Today, these products are primarily apparel and housewares. Beaver pelts were such a valuable commodity that HBC preferred to trade for what was known as Made Beaver. This unit represented the estimated value of a prime beaver pelt — flesh removed, stretched, properly tanned and ready for trade — on the London market, and it served as a standard accounting unit. What is it and is it valuable? This is a fur trade token, which was used by HBC as a means of indicating credit against future purchases held by an individual trapper.

The denomination of a token — such as 5 MB — means it was equivalent in value to five Made Beaver. A trapper would present all his furs at once, and if he did not purchase their full equivalent in trade goods, he would be issued tokens as change. Tokens came in varying denominations and were in use as late as in the eastern Arctic. HBC Heritage is not in a position to advise on the value of any item. If you have questions about the value of an item in your possession, we suggest that you contact a professional appraiser, like the American Society of Appraisers.

What is The Beaver magazine? For years, it was much like any other internal newsletter, featuring a lot of material on sales events, marriages, births, store happenings, and news. It also always contained articles about HBC history. By the s, The Beaver had expanded to embrace Canadian history as a whole, with a particular focus on the north. Does HBC have a presence in England anymore?

In that year, the head office of HBC was transferred to Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada. In , the Corporate Office relocated to Toronto, while the Registered Office remained in Winnipeg until , when it was also relocated to Toronto. Point Blanket FAQ What are points and what do they mean? Points are the short lines woven into the side of each blanket just above the bottom bar or set of stripes.

They are about 10 centimetres 4 inches in length, unless they are half points, in which case they are 5 centimetres 2 inches in length. The sizes of blankets have shifted over time, particularly during the 20th century as beds became larger. Today, HBC offers blankets in the following sizes: There is a persistent misconception that the points were originally an indication of the blanket price in beaver pelts.

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Dating Hudson Bay Coats


PARAGRAPH. Fits many sizes due to oversized fit photographed on bxy size 2 mannequin. Jean Charles de-Castelbajac Vivid color-blocked wool coat with large hood from Jean Charles de Castelbajac dating to the 's. Jean Charles de-Castelbajac Dating hudson bay coats color-blocked wool coat with large hood from Jean Charles de Castelbajac dating to the 's. Very soft and stretchy material! Very soft and stretchy material. Approximately 47' in length. PARAGRAPH. Fits many sizes due to oversized cut. Jacket fits what kind of dating personality are you quiz size small or medium. Fits a variety of sizes due to open closure. PARAGRAPHJean-Charles de Castelbajac Very rare datinh blocked fleece coat with three-dimensional fish from Jean Charles de Castelbajac dating to the 's. PARAGRAPHJean-Charles de Castelbajac Very rare color blocked fleece coat with three-dimensional fish from Jean Charles de Castelbajac dating to the 's. Labeled a French size Jean-Charles de Castelbajac Heavy black wool coat with fringed cape from Jean-Charles de Castelbajac dating to the 's. Jacqueline de Ribes Black and brown houndstooth wool jacket with contrasting lining and large decorative buttons dqting Jacqueline de Ribes dating to the 's. Due to the oversized cut, this piece fits a Hucson many sizes due to the oversized cut.

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