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Timing in finding the next new opportunity is very important here. Romantic satisfaction is expected to be achieved quickly, even instantaneously. When time is more central than timing "I'll love you when your hair turns grey. I'll still want you if you gain a little weight. The way I feel for you will always be the same, just as long as your love doesn't change.

Profound love requires investing a lot of time in shared activities and emotional experiences Krebs, It seems that nowadays more people give up on the search for enduring romantic profundity and are satisfied with occasional instant sexual intensity that is dependent on getting the timing right. Although the latter is easier to achieve, at the end of the day it is more tiresome and depressing to be reliant on such serendipitous and ultimately superficial experiences.

Accordingly, many people still yearn for romantic profundity, which brings them the romantic calmness, stability, and certainty that are of great value in life. In profound love, lovers carry a lot of responsibility; there are ongoing challenges that often require the lovers to exercise many of their capacities and resources and that are frequently perceived as being against all odds.

The realization that enhancing their love depends to a great extent on themselves makes people calmer than when they are in a series of short, unstable relationships that can quickly end due to arbitrary, externally circumstances. Calmness is a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy: The incentive to invest further in a romantic relationship can be increased by the threat of losing the partner hence the tactic of generating moderate jealousy , but it can also be increased by developing a deep trust that enables you to be calm and open hence taking the partner for granted in a positive manner.

I have argued elsewhere that the second manner is more valuable for a long-term profound relationship see here and here. To sum up, luck in the sense of good timing is valuable in romantic love—many love stories have begun in this way. However, good timing is limited in its scope and it is of hardly any value in long-term profound love. The trick is to stop setting yourself up for this kind of disappointment right off the bat. If you want the best opportunity possible for a potential relationship, only proceed if the light is bright green.

This is why dating websites are so successful. The majority of people on paid-for dating sites all have green lights on. It gets rid of all of the guess work in that area, and since you know that most of these people are looking for a relationship, you can feel free and open to look for those who are good matches for you.

If you want to do it in real life, you must pay attention to the signs. Because we want them to be who we want them to be. I'm telling you, it will save you from countless heartbreaks if you just abide by this. I had a friend who went on an amazing date with an amazing guy and was so excited about the potential that was there. But a couple days later, he told her that he was recently broken up with and just wasn't ready to start something new. My friend refused to accept it and kept texting, calling, pursuing and feeling bummed when he wasn't being available.

It's hard to find people with whom you have a connection and an attraction; it can take years sometimes. So when you find someone special, you feel like you want to do whatever it takes to make it work. But, if the timing isn't right, it's just not going to happen. Is this a red flag or not? The answer to this question is, it depends on two things: Are you interested in having children in the next few years?

Do you want to be married sooner than later? Am I completely over my ex, or am I just pretending? How available is the man you are dating? Was he in a short or long-term marriage? Beyond sharing children, pets, and property, where is he in his emotional healing? Pay attention to what he says and, even more importantly, what he does.

If he says he wants to be monogamous with you, but his online profile is still active, take caution.

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Why Timing Really Is Everything When It Comes To The Pursuit Of Love

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