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I thought StartUp Season 1 was nothing short of revelatory, but Season 2 drove me nuts. I started jotting down some notes and it turned into this rambling essay. I apologize in advance for its length! THE PRODUCERS DISTORTED THE ACTUAL TIMELINE IN SERVICE OF A FALSE NARRATIVE I listened to StartUp Season 2 every week as it aired, but after its conclusion, I found myself very confused about the sequence of events, so I went back and listened again, trying to flatten out the timeline.

What I discovered was that the show was intentionally vague and misleading, compressing footage in a way to imply false correlations or support a preconceived and inauthentic story arc. Then, this is is how Episode 4 opens: And just to bring you up to speed: A big hurdle for us with fundraising was that our product wasn't at the stage that we really believed in it. And that happened pretty frequently on StartUp Season 2.

Furthermore, how did they not interview Craig Kochis, who assumed the CTO role after Katie left? Or, if not that, to disclose the reasons why the journalists chose not to reach out to those parties for comment. I could think of a dozen or more questions like this — essential stuff that went totally unmentioned or was glossed over. SO THEY DID TALK ABOUT EQUITY! Alex Age 27 I had a great time with Joe. You know how to do your job. You really took me outside of the box that I usually date in and feel comfortable in.

We ended the night with exchange of numbers and a respectful goodnight kiss. Travis Age 30 Finding quality people on a dating app or in a bar is like looking for a needle in a haystack: Dating Ring on the other hand has been awesome! Right away I had a fantastic date through DR with a girl who was super fun, cute, and compatible. I'm a huge believer of DR now. Sarah Age 25 Please share with us your secrets! The tape caught dozens of fraught exchanges between Blumberg and his wife, his partner, his investors and several of his overworked employees.

Kay and Tessler say they expect Dating Ring to get the same warts-and-all treatment. They are continuing to tape through June and will not hear any of the episodes before they air. What else will we hear this season? A partner leaves the company unexpectedly, say Kay and Tessler. The pair will also discuss the details of their experience at Y Combinator; Dating Ring was part of the incubator's class of January They say the Startup staff has interviewed a number of people, including Y Combinator partners and the head of competitor Match.

And of course, Kay and Tessler don't know what was said in these interviews.

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Why these founders are airing their dating startup’s dirty laundry on a podcast

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