Suicide On Dating Shows

All of you, whom I have loved. Sources have also reported that Ms. Jeon suffered from depression and was treated in the past, which the police are looking into as well. Jeon was discovered in the bathroom with the door locked. We are presuming that Ms. Jeon took her own life. This happened right before the final decision of the contestants on the last day. We would like to offer our words of comfort to all of the contestants on the show for receiving such a deep scar and we will try our best to deal with this matter.

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Each one is as bleak, as realistic, and as upsetting as the previous, but by the end so predictable that you barely have patience for one more beautifully shot suicide. Again, given the premise that may be the point. In an interview with a morning talk show host James Franco in a delirious cameo , he goes on a tirade about how the genre is ruining television and, more importantly, destroying human empathy and culture as we know it.

Legally, Ilana learns that California allows a person to commit suicide as long as doctors and psychiatrists vouch that the person is committing the act on their own volition. What if instead of relying on emotionally unstable dating-show contestants to have breakdowns, down-and-out everyday Americans are given the outlet to do it on their terms Rogers only agrees when he is given creative control over what he sees as a greater mission: Of course audiences transform from empathetic donors into WWE-style, bloodthirsty heathens, whose appetite for the next great suicide leads to an arms race for how to stage the next shocking death.

What are the stakes? And why would anyone watch this in the first place? We'll find out when it comes to select theaters and on demand on September The full trailer is below. If you are thinking about suicide, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at TALK or the Suicide Crisis Line at Advertisement If you or someone you know is considering self-harm, please get help. Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at

Fury over South Korean reality TV dating show after contestant 'kills herself' on set

Korea’s SBS Cancels Dating Show After Contestant Suicide

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