Dating Baseball Gloves

It is an excellent glove with stronger characteristics of a higher grade glove such as strong bright stamping, perfect cloth label, no oil stains, and perfect insides. Near Mint - A glove that has seen almost no use. Still stiff in form, all stamping strong. Perfect insides perfect cloth patch, has caught but a few balls. Some otherwise mint gloves may not have been used but have significant enough blemishes such as scratches from some handling or poor storage to drop into this grade category.

Mint - New never played with regardless of age. A mint glove may show some shelf wear due to age Such as minute piping wear, oxidation around brass grommets. Stiff due to no use, slight fading of original color, all of that must be minute, and from storage. In its original form when bought. Vintage Baseball Glove Dating Guide Pre s - Gloves had no web and are referred to as "workman" style gloves.

Early fingerless gloves were used for better grip. Gloves were hand made or altered from existing gloves before they were manufactured for baseball. Similar to the previous web except that the web was one to one and a half inches wide. Player endorsements now can be used to help date some gloves. Either two or four elongated loops were sewn in directly to the thumb and forefinger through which passed a simple rawhide lace.

This offering is for a 's Cy Young Baseball Glove made by Hutch This vintage baseball glove is endorsed by baseball legend Cy Young Cy Young enjoyed a 22 year career in professional baseball from through All of the markings on this glove are bold and easily readable. The glove has seen very little use. An all around solid glove that remains in gorgeous NR-MT condition! Here we are offering a 's Babe Ruth Baseball Glove made by Spalding. This exceptional vintage baseball glove is their Home Run Special model.

Vintage Babe Ruth model baseball gloves are always very desirable and difficult to find in great condition. This exceptional example features a blazing Babe Ruth signature on soft supple leather. A wonderful antique baseball glove inside and out that remains in EX-MT to NR-MT condition! Just a superb baseball collectible as it appeals to the collectors of Babe Ruth, the New York Yankees, vintage baseball gloves or any antique baseball memorabilia in general The perfect "holder" for your Babe Ruth single singed baseball!

This is a rare 's Left-Handed Catcher's Mitt. This vintage baseball equipment rarity was made by the A. Reach sporting goods company out of Philadelphia , PA. The marking is light but present. The righty to lefty ratio was nine to one during this time and even fewer for catcher's mitts I'm sure. This example is a real beauty that remains in wonderful condition.

The contrasting black and tan leather on the back looks great along with the sturdy and shiny buckle and strap. The mitt is an exceptional example from this era and remains in solid EX-MT condition! For a left handed thrower. Here we have a scarce 's Catcher's Mitt with a very interesting "Tiger-Stripe" look to it. This is a big and heavy professional quality catcher's mitt.

Top quality leather construction was used for every inch of this mitt. There is no maker's mark evident nor was there a cloth label. This wonderful vintage baseball mitt has a unique and fantastic appearance. Offered here is a 's Ted Williams Baseball Glove. This exceptional vintage baseball glove was made by the Wilson sporting goods company.

This was their model number A, their Ted Williams PRO-MODEL. A fantastic display glove, this Williams model features a blazing silver facsimile signature of the Splendid Splinter. A solid EX-MT example with soft, supple leather and gorgeous markings! This handsome vintage baseball glove is endorsed by Mickey Mantle, the New York Yankees great! The glove features very strong markings which include an image of Mantle in the pocket along with his facsimile autograph.

An incredible display glove for the vintage baseball memorabilia collector or New York Yankees fan! This antique baseball glove is gorgeous and the condition is MINT! A great opportunity to add this beauty to your collection!

Vintage Baseball Gloves

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