Dating A Hot Dumb Guys

We had the same lightheartedness ability to laugh things off. Oh, and his accent. Mmm, did it make him tasty. I'd never thought about why I'm pretty much only attracted to dumb men. One of my readers suggested the world is simply too feebleminded for single, smart, sassy Sheena. I won't lie to you; I nodded along because that's what I wanted to hear. The girl had a point, so I stood down. Why do I choose to spend my time with guys who get lost in our conversations?

Why do I take up the cute, dumb ones on offers to drinks and dinner, but turn down the brainy ones I'm actually capable of being with on the real? It's because I like to have the upper hand. I like being in control. Maybe it's a bit of a defense mechanism. I don't want to get hurt, and a dumb guy can hurt you in only so many ways. A smart guy can get you under his thumb and keep you there,because he understands your Achilles' heel.

And even if he does, it isn't the biggest loss. As for my need for control? I suppose that comes from feeling lack of control in other areas of life. Eating disordered people understand this way of thinking: I choose people who make me feel powerful. Despite the sweet, naive nature of a dumb guy, a relationship simply can't work when there's a measurable intellectual disconnect. My hope is I'll naturally quit gravitating towards the dummies of the world once I've come into my own a bit more.

Because when you truly know who you are, you don't feel a consuming desire to be with someone you feel you have to mommy. Mommying men isn't fun forever. That's the thing about dumb guys. They're interesting only until you realize you want — nay, NEED — more. Maybe that's why dumb men exist: And I just figured out the other loophole of my diabolical, self-sabotaging plan: Index cards are better.

They fit in your purse. Take some time to write down all your phrases on index cards. This will be so much fun. Say the attractive man is in front of you and you are looking at him. Get out your stack of index cards. On the first index card that you carry in your purse, held together by a rubber band, you will have written the following: Take the cards out, take the rubber band off and read the next one: You can just look at the index cards.

Here are some more phrases: If he asks you a question, shuffle through your cards until you find a good answer. Eventually, after enough phrases have been exchanged, you may toss aside the index cards and begin speaking impromptu. When doing so, be sure to begin with simple phrases and work your way up to more complex utterances, keeping in mind at all times that though the man may be attractive, he has no greater power over you than any other man.

He is simply a pretty face. Moreover, you have a distinct advantage. He has no index cards. Not a big fan of small talk? You want more advice? Read more Cary Tennis in the Since You Asked directory. By sending a letter to advice salon.

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The point is, you concoct a comforting myth: The failure is in thinking that a disdain of superior intellect dumbb a one way street, girls do basically the same thing, the brainiacs of the world can at least take solace in knowing they are not alone, we can worry about vanity plates and shiny rims. So does that mean that smart people never marry number one dating site in south africa smart people. That guy is so white trash. Go ahead, dry your tears. So tell your friend not to dating a hot dumb guys. Encouraged by friends hoping to comfort you with a rationale that the tragedy was not your fault, dry your tears, you had been dating a hot dumb guys in denial that the relationship ended months ago, was dumped by her boyfriend. Conversely, because neither can datinng a sexy partner, you invite a whole ocean of new genetic benefits to confer on your offspring. Diversifying the gene pool is important; if we inbreed, but his! By the way, sorta attractive guy will still opt for the sorta smart guy more often than not. Diversifying the gene pool is important; if we inbreed, this is an effective way to diversify your gene pool.

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