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Venntro Media Group shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising from your failure to comply with these provisions. In the event of any claim that your payment card has been used without your permission or any other fraudulent use of payment cards, we will assist the bank and police authorities with any investigations including providing them with all the details used to register associated profiles, card authentication and any communications through or related to the Site either with Venntro Media Group or other members.

False fraudulent use claims, however may result you being added to a card blacklist which will affect your future card purchases. Denying a purchase that you have made is illegal and may result in legal action towards you, which can lead to prosecution, fines and impairment of your credit rating. Term and Termination These Terms will remain in full force and effect while you are a member of the Service. You may terminate your Subscription with us before your next renewal date. Cancellation may only be requested by completing the online cancellation process on the Site.

You may begin this process by clicking on the "Cancel subscription" button on the "Site Membership" page accessed under the "Account" tab on the Site. A request for cancellation under this clause does not give rise to a refund for any unused amounts of Subscription fees paid. Gifts and Credits The Site offers opportunities to purchase various additional services such as sending virtual gifts "Extras".

These Extras may be purchased for you or as a gift for another member. The description and the costs of each Extra are set out clearly on the Site. When purchasing any Extras, those details, together with these Terms, form the terms of a contract between you and Venntro Media Group for provision of such Extras. Extras are paid for by a virtual account of credits "Credits" , linked to your account for the Service.

You may elect to purchase additional Credits at any time by using the payment methods included on the Site. This will typically be a single specific SQL, MySQL or Oracle database Site refers to the website URL that displays the data from the Database. Hundreds of sites may well be linking to one database. As the result of a single registration the member has just one profile - there are not hundreds of profiles or indeed hundreds of copies of their profile - there is just one single 'atomic' profile that is physically stored in one place one single database and so this can be easily and instantly deleted.

Unique Identifier Each member will be given single Unique Identifier per profile they setup per database. Typically a membership number or username is used as the Unique Identifier - though some providers may use email address. Profile refers to the copy of the member's details on the relevant database s. Members login to access their profile by the Unique Identifier White label dating service provider This is the company that operates the database s which store the data and the software to provide the service Brand Parter This is the company that promotes the dating service by using their brand name, links on their site and other promotion.

Typically they often have nothing to do with the actual mechanics of operating or administering the dating site. People who do not match the characteristic are prevented from joining or are removed if it is discovered that they do not match the characteristic Example 1: A dating provider may run a database of sites that are all for people looking for a long term relationship. Married people looking for an affair would be prevented from joining the site - or removed if they joined secretly and their behaviour discovered Example 2: A site aimed at "Graduates and Professionals" employing soft filtering would not necessarily ban members who did not have a university degree.

A site aimed at people who like dancing - may well be linked to a "General purpose" database of dancers and non dancers - but use clever programming to be able to favour dancers in the search lists. White Label Dating - Disconnected Service Review I joined there site. I was if course upgraded to a free membership. Then I was kicked off with no reason. I sent an e-mail questioning my dismissal. I have never received a response from them.

I'm a woman, and I noted that all the men were frustrated that no one Read more Anonymous natalia same happened to me they allowed online bullying towards me for saying NO and I am in process of writing to all the online adult bullying sites online to see if something can

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