Best Dating Places In Sydney

During this one hour evening tour you will hear wonderful Indigenous sky stories told by the Aboriginal Astronomy guides under the Sydney Planetarium dome. Also learn how to find south using the Southern Cross and see the emu in the sky. Telescope viewing will follow the planetarium experience. Every tour attempts to view stars, planets or the Moon through a telescope, weather permitting.

Catch my date review at iFly here 6 Sports car rental Dural 34 mins drive north of Sydney Why not hire a sports car from Sydney Sports Car Rental unless you already have one! Good stopping points are Stanwell Tops then head over to The Scarborough Hotel for lunch. I would love a simple idea like this. Go and get an ice cream and sit in the park. Park up and rent a rowing boat for a couple of hours at the Audley Boatshed.

This is a great and romantic way to spend the day with someone. Afterwards you can go for a swim at the beautiful Garie Beach. It is absolutely breathtaking and will be certainly a memorable date to impress. Or for something more low key the Tilbury Hotel is a great middle ground with more of a casual vibe but with excellent food. Kayaking is a great alternative to the usual evening date. You can also take the option of stopping over at Shark or Clarke Island.

Happening twice a year in Sydney this immersive cinema experience will have you guessing the film right up until the grand finale. Secret Foodies is a surprise dining experience. You can hire bikes including tandem bikes from Centennial Park. You might look a little bit daggy riding around on a tandem but it sounds like a good laugh to us plus you get to be outdoors, enjoying the great outdoors.

There are some really cool parts of Centennial to go explore including the wood forest and the mini maze. If you get hungry along the way stop at Centennial Dining for some lunch and a coffee before getting back on the road. Feel free to set a little wager — the loser has to buy dumplings downstairs at Johnny Wongs Dumpling Bar. This cosy 60 seat cinema screams Hollywood glamour and has an awesome bar next door for you to enjoy some cocktails before the film.

You can also take your drinks into the cinema to enjoy while you hold hands and watch the film. This spot again reaches about halfway up the harbour and crosses the path of a lot of fish. Axe Throwing Step way outside the box and blow off a little steam with an axe throwing date. Taking a pottery class is definitely a fun and intimate date idea worth considering.

16 Perfect Places In Sydney To Go On A Date

Best Date Places in Sydney

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