When Dating A Leo

Now, take it from me, a certified Leo dating a Cancer, when I say these are some key do's and don'ts that will make your road to romance smooth and enjoyable this probably also applies to friendship. DO provide a Leo attention. This is especially important during our daily rants. Odds are if we want attention and you are "busy sleeping," we'll get it one way or another.

So just prepare yourself to give in and pay attention to us! DON'T tell a Leo what to do. Leo's are very independent, which means if they feel you're trying to limit their potential, you're probably going to have big problem on your hands. Leo's want to grow as a strong couple, but also as strong individuals. DO let a Leo bask in the spotlight. Again, Leos LOVE attention.

They're often found seeking the spotlight, leadership roles, social opportunities and standing out in general--not to confuse this with a lack of humbleness, they just shine brightest amongst a crowd. So if you're ever feeling a little outside of that light, don't fret because you're the person they'll thank first in their speeches. DON'T make fun of a Leo. Though Leos are extremely confident, they actually aren't as strong as they seem.

One little comment can turn their whole world upside down. No, I don't think it's funny that you think I've gained weight. But, they'll also turn around and punch you in the face so don't think we're fragile. DO show love to a Leo. Leos don't need to be reminded that you love them all that much, but they do love public displays of affection.

They want people to know that you are theirs and they are yours. And don't even think of getting a new best friend and posting all over their Facebook wall without facing some Leo depression. Also, tell all your friends about them, they love that. DON'T be paranoid with a Leo. One of the Leo's most prominent traits is loyalty and again we've already pretty much established their devotion to the people in their life.

A Leo might have a multitude of friends, but if you're their S. Try and keep up with his active lifestyle, and be sure to compliment him on his great choices and athletic nature. You do not need many dating tips to keep up with a man of the Leo zodiac sign. The Leo guy be putty in your hands and will want to know more about you. For even though you have to constantly strike his ego, he will be just as generous to you in return. The Leo male is bigger than life itself and it takes a strong woman to stalk the plains with him.

He appreciates a woman who speaks her mind, so be open and honest about your thoughts and feelings. He can handle a lot and will take on anything you need to make life easier. Love compatibility with Leo men can be difficult at times. Men of this astrology sign do not think twice about breaking up. He is fiery and exciting, and his lovemaking matches his grand personality.

Fifteen Reasons to Date a Leo

Leo - A Dating Guide

PARAGRAPH. In the beginning, take the time to truly admire something about her and to make her feel special, she'll be smart enough to tell from a mile w. Leo women are known to be creative and dislike the status quo. If you dr dating uk her to a party, beautiful hair clips. Compliments will get you far when dating a leo will sometimes even make the woman blush. Steps Winning Her Over 1 Understand your female Leo. Make sure everyone knows who she is and that she's worth knowing. Treat her well and show up on time to datkng that you think she's really special, leader. This woman's element is fire - she is intense with a gracious heart. She makes one of the most romantic of all lovers and online dating irish is devoted and generous. These women are born between July 23 - August If you want to date an amazing Leo like Madonna or Jennifer Lawrence and to make your love last, she'll be smart enough when dating a leo tell from a mile away. This woman's element is fire - she is intense with a gracious heart. Like the sun, take the time to truly admire something about her and to make her feel special. Compliments will get you far and will sometimes when dating a leo make the woman blush. Leo women ddating to be the center of attention. The words "I love you" mean vulnerability to a Leo woman? Leo women love to be the center of attention. Win her by loving what's unique about her style, when you're just getting to know each other.

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