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Its not called physical abuse When someone is raped they don't just experience physical pain. You'd never compare it to someone who broke their arm once. That would be absurd. People who are raped or molested experience physical pain, psychological pain, emotional pain, and spiritual pain. Sex is undoubtedly more than physical. Sex is For Marriage Of course, we know this but they don't. I asked one of my Juniors when they were planning on having sex and they said, "I'm not sure I know I'm not ready now One of my youth told me a story about a girl who Before I came to this church asked, "Where in the Bible does it say that people can't have sex until marriage?

Discuss "Intimacy Killers" Talk about the dangers of lust checking each other out. It's something adults encourage kids to do. Girl magazines have pages called "eye candy" with half naked guys. You can't walk through a grocery store check out line or downs the aisles of a convenience store without some adult trying to convince you to lust. Writers, editors, photographers, models - they're all hell bent on making sure our students lust after their final product.

Talk about the dangerous reality of pornography. To feel better equipped you can check out xxxchurch. Talk about the dangers of pornography - not only to those who use it but also to those who work in the industry. Lives are being destroyed and taking part in such death is absolutely not a part of the Christian life. Redirect "How Far is Too Far" You don't want to answer this question so much as you want to get them to start asking a different question: They're definitely your brother or sister in Christ and they only become something more than that once you're married to them.

Define Love Give students an awesome working definition of love so that they can know how to show love in a godly way. Then challenge students to love the person that they're dating. Most of the time we reserve saying "I love you" until things get more serious. I even know a guy who is waiting until marriage to speak those words. Regardless of when you say it - you still need to love them. Promote Purposeful Dating I heard the other day that Christians are the best planners.

Everything we do is based or ought to be based around one fact: Jesus Christ is coming back. Whatever you do, whether you eat or drink, do it for the glory of God? We need to teach our students that thoughtless dating is not God honoring. So many times I've met Christian teens who are dating someone they know they would never marry. Christians aren't called to live for the temporary. Christians don't treat others as objects to be consumed. Christians don't get what they can out of someone and then toss them aside when they're done with them.

Christians value others better than themselves. Christians treat others with value, love, respect, and dignity. Dating someone just for kicks is not a part of who we are - even if the other person agrees to it. Promote Equally Yokedness When Paul says that believers need to be equally yoked with others - he isn't talking exclusively about marriage.

He's just talking about our close partnerships with anyone in our lives. And so he says - don't be unequally yoked with nonbelievers. This definitely applies to our dating relationships. Having a close partnership dating relationship with a nonbeliever doesn't make sense and isn't wise. Dispel the Myth that God Created Someone Special for Them. Get the parents involved. Send a letter before the series promoting it. Encourage the parents to talk with their children after each service and to use the opportunity to build better communications about Christian dating and morality.

Promote the series with posters, flash media, post cards, mass texts, and give aways. Open each service with a love-related powerpoint game. Have a skit each week. Make some of them funny. This person monologues a love letter pleading with their future spouse to save themselves. If it is done the right way, this can be VERY powerful. Here is one of my favorites:

What Middle Schoolers Want to Know About Love & Dating

Youth Ministry Series Idea for February: Love, Dating and Sex

Do students follow those teachings in dating youth group series dating relationships. Can we teach in such a way that helps students date in a healthy and biblical way. We MUST help shape their sexuality biblically. Tyson Howells Tyson is the associate youth ministry director for Vanguard Youth Ministry Institute. Are we too shallow when we dating youth group series about sex. Dig deep when you talk about sex. The two question we need to ask are… 1. I know that it can be awkward to talk about sex but we must. Can we teach in such a way that helps students date in a healthy and biblical way. The two question we need to ask are… 1. Can we teach in such a way that helps students date in a healthy and biblical way? We tell students not to have sex until they are married because that is what the Bible says. If it is not February, are either of odd dating activities option helpful.

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