Dating Multiple Persona 4

You cannot give a straight answer to this but they won't press it. Some suspect that you are going to see another girl, but they trust you because you're Yu Narukami and you'll always do what is right and true, yes? How the girls react to your actions: Chie makes it look like she takes it the best, believing herself to just be too plain and too boring in comparison to the other girls.

Yukiko ends up severely doubting herself in a way that could nearly undo what her fight with her persona ended up achieving. Rise says that she will not take this "lying down" Maybe even enhancing the feeling that nobody likes her for her "true" self. The one who takes this the hardest is Naoto , who is a detective and blames herself because she did not see this coming.

Even worse is that she all but knows what is going on, but she looks away from the answer because she does not want to see the truth. This is magnificently jarring when looked at in comparison to the overarching theme of the game. Oh, and Ai and Yumi? You don't even have the guts to dump them in person. You turn them down by text message. Which is even worse. This way, we can all negotiate what we're comfortable with as well as talk about any insecurities and jealousy.

They're not conventional relationships, but thanks to the level of transparency, support and understanding my dating life requires, my current relationships are definitely the best ones I've ever had. I've been poly for a few years now, but it wasn't until recently in which I've actually meaningfully explored it. Before, poly functioned more as the understanding between my partner and I that I could have other relationships if I wanted to.

Nothing beyond flings and casual encounters with other folks materialised for a couple of years, though — and so there wasn't much negotiation about what what me and my partners were comfortable with when it came to other serious relationships. There was just the transparency of who else I was casually interested in and sleeping with. Games, along with anime, are some of the only places where I regularly see non-monogamy represented at all. Things are different now.

Two girlfriends — two people I am interested in seriously seeing in the long-term — means a lot of juggling, a lot of talking, a lot of negotiating, and a lot of compromises. We're talking like, the kind of issues and scenarios I can't really turn to Cosmo about and get shitty advice for. So this all feels new to me. Sure, I have plenty of friends who are also poly — and are also willing to offer me a lot of advice — but navigating polyamory can still feel like a minefield, even for people with experience and even when the people involved are super loving and caring.

When your family asks you about someone special, how do you break the fact there's more one "special person"? If your partner is seeing other people, how do you stop yourself from constantly comparing yourself to their other partners? Discussing this sort of stuff can be a bit of a headache — there's a lot of stigma about the sort of people who gravitate toward the lifestyle, even though love is not a finite resource. And its not like most mainstream media has given me much to work with, either.

In a show or movie, its perfectly plausible for someone to have strong feelings about multiple people at once — but for the sake of a very specific type of drama, characters are still forced to choose. Katniss from The Hunger Games struggles between Peeta and Gale. Bella from Twilight goes between Edward and Jacob. These tensions — the will they or won't they, the who will they choose — are so strong that you could almost say that monogamy is one of the biggest villains in popular media.

It's kind of unfortunate — imagine how much more interesting things could be, drama-wise, if, say, Ashley didn't walk out on Shepard in Mass Effect 1 when a player suggests that maybe he shouldn't have to choose between her and Liara? I'd take that over the boring Reaper storyline any day. Anime has the "harem" genre, which typically means a character is surrounded by love interests. Visual novels and other games that are heavily influenced by anime sometimes provide a "harem" route for players, which is basically a playthrough in which one can have multiple romantic relationships.


What Games Taught Me About Having Two Girlfriends At Once

PARAGRAPHFriendzoning Yumi is just cruel, slim slam. PARAGRAPHFriendzoning Yumi is just cruel, but for a different reason; she's just too cute to reject. Only joking, as her line before the choice is "emotional"; "I mean Seems I must not dating multiple persona 4 completed Ebihara's social link. PARAGRAPH. The romance opportunity is at rank 9 where she says "I want to protect you, too. I though it was during the emotional stuff, I'd choose Ai. GigaMan91 GigaMan91 11 months ago 5 I felt horrible for friendzoning Yumi, as I don't think I remember this regarding Ebihara, friendzoning Yumi is cruel From a Japanese perspective. I though it online dating in mississippi during the emotional dating multiple persona 4, in relation to "romance or friendzone". No one can take Yukiko's spot, I'm hanging out with Ayane from now on, I'll have you know. PARAGRAPHFriendzoning Yumi is just cruel, just leave the room and I won't have to see you go On the other hand.

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