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Rather than stay in the hotels with the other boys, Zayn and Louis opted to stay in the tour bus most of the time. Now the real question is: What exactly happens on Bus 1? Why are the two so keen on spending so much time in there? Or… is it a cover up for something even bigger? Which one plays the good cop and which one plays the bad cop? Bus 1 not only was a hint towards their side job, but it also was where Zayn and Louis could discuss tactics with each other without the other boys around.

The information they handled was classified and for the eyes and ears of official police officers only. The other 3 are just goons. However, you need to be mysterious and have a love for danger, which are qualities emulated by the two boys. While the boys have been sneaky covering up their true profession, there have been quite a few slip ups. And no, we are not talking about Harry slipping on stage, we are talking about Zayn and Louis screwing up and giving us the hints that helped piece this all together.

With his busy schedule in the past, the touring, the interviews and songwriting in the past, he never had the time to get to know somebody or ask them out. His busy lifestyle never allowed him to find somebody that he liked very much and to date her. The first moment he laid his eyes on her he just wanted to make sure that no one except for him could make a move on her. He wanted to make her his. He would love to call her his girlfriend sometime, to introduce her to his family and friends. Yet he was afraid of how the media and the fans would react if they ever found out but at the end they had to live with the fact.

He was wondering how the night would end. He was scared she would turn him down. However, in front of her colleagues, he thought it was a good idea not to do it. He felt like he had already embarrassed her in front of them. At point 8 PM, Harry perceived a knock on his door and he breathed in and out deeply as he went to open it. Her hands became slightly sweaty as she heard footsteps reaching the door.

She put on a smile on her lips as the door was finally opened. But her smile slightly faded as she faced him. Her heart stopped its beating and she felt a huge amount of warmth spreading through her whole body. She was out of words. He looked absolutely handsome. He wore a white shirt and she could see the outlines of his tattoos underneath. His legs were adorned by tight black jeans and black boots covered his feet.

Harry, Harry was totally mesmerized by her, blinded by her beauty. Her normally straight hair was curled and that black dressed fitted to her body perfectly. She was absolutely breath-taking. His gaze on her was warm but she still felt uncomfortable. He knew he made a fool himself right now by staring at her instead of inviting her in but who could blame him?

May I come in? Her eyes widened as she entered the room. Everything looked so elegant and just like Harry but it seemed hella expensive. So beautiful, he thought. Just like how she imagined it to be. You take a seat next to him and place your hand over his to stop his fidgeting fingers. You can tell me. He sighs in frustration then looks at your eyes for the first time. He takes your hands in his, surprising you. You get out of your car and walk to the five boys waiting for you.

After a few minutes, you all decide to split up and meet at the parking lot in an hour. You begin looking for Louis. You spot Niall walking out of a store. He looks up and when he sees you, he walks away from you.

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You datkng together one direction dating tumblr do the grocery shopping getting all of the ingredients for spaghetti. You went together to do the grocery shopping getting all of datihg ingredients for spaghetti. Now he was about to pick you up for your very first date together. If there was one direction dating tumblr thing Niall loved diection than one direction it was food and so you were not surprised the least bit when Niall wanted to take you timblr for dinner on your first date. Now he was about to pick you up for your very first date together. You were free online dating and friendship but nervous at the same time; this would be your first date with him. Blushing as he pulled away but you just smiled kissed him on the cheek and went back to singing. So for your first date the two of you decided to stay in and cook a meal together. You went together to do the grocery shopping getting all of the ingredients for picture only dating site. You spent the whole night laughing and dancing around the kitchen singing into your spoon and dripping sauce all over the place.

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