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The recent downturn in the economy has created the opportunity to purchase hard-to find Fisher-Price toys at reasonable prices. Of special note is the significant reduction in demand and value for Disney and comic character toys. Some vintage toys will always hold their value because of their rarity and desirability, especially with the original box. In , he retired from Fisher-Price after 30 years, winning multiple sales awards during his career.

He has co-authored two books on Fisher-Price history, including toy values. Bruce lives in Northwest Arkansas with his wife Becky. He can be contacted through his website: The Top 10 Fisher-Price Toys In Mint Condition Push Cart Pete, …………………. I use sturdy cardboard cartons.. Small single items will be sent by First Class Mail in a bubble envelope. Most everything else will ship by Parcel Select or UPS Ground. International shipping has become too costly and time consuming.

If you live outside the United States and want to buy something, please email me first. You'll have to pay the shipping cost If you do not want to use Paypal, I will accept a money order. Just send me your shopping list, and I will send you an invoice for your purchases. Don't see what you want in my store? Feel free to email me with your "wish list". So collectors, check your mailboxes! My apologies for any new members or people contacting the club over the last few weeks.

We are somewhat in the "off-season" right now with people who handle things are either traveling or just very busy , so some club business has not been slow to get done. Hopefully we will catch up soon! The December newsletter was mailed out to club members right before Christmas. This is a very special issue - it is dedicated to long-time club member Sandy Rose, who passed away in November We will miss her terribly.

The newsletter shares many memories and photos of Sandy and her family with the club through the years. See the Gabby Goose Newsletter page to see more information about the December newsletter, plus answers to the Adventure People Crossword Puzzle. We received questions concerning a "new toy" by Fisher-Price called the "Happy Hour Playset". This supposed new toy has been circulating on people's social media feeds. This "toy" is designed for preschoolers, and features a pretend bar with pretend beer bottles and pretend bar stools.

People have been wondering if this is real, and some are up-in-arms about the demented morals of society to produce such a toy. Happy to say, "Happy Hour" is a joke!!! A total internet joke made by a very good meme designer. Fisher-Price even had to issue a disclaimer assuring people that this is not a real toy by their company. It is not real. Our club knows it can't be real since no one owns one. If it were real, true collectors would already have 2 - one to play with, and one mint-in-the-box!!

The scale of the box to how large the toy would be also doesn't look right another hint it is fake. A link to an article about the "toy" can be found here. The club had a nice time at Convention last July! The next newsletter will hopefully be completed during the next few weeks. The club is on break right now, but the Facebook groups are very active in chatting!

Fisher Price Toys

Vintage Fisher Price Toys

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