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That was why I hunted down the special one-short story so furiously after that. Unfortunately the one short story was a little let down for me because there was no closure. It was left hanging like that. Hana Yori Dango Volume 36 cover. All in all, Hana Yori Dango manga was a total enjoyment. It was emotional in the mid parts and sweet towards the end. I laughed and I even shed some tears. In fact I love this manga more than the 2 dramas adaptation BOF and HYD which I have watched. The drawings at the beginning of the chapters as pointed out by many were nothing to be desired about I thought the drawings were ok actually… not a big hindrance.

While attending school, Tsukushi stands up against the F4, a group of boys who rule the roost of the high school, when they are picking on one of her friends. Tsukushi becomes the group's next target for their animosity, but over time, she wins each of them over, including a couple of them who fall head over heels in love for her. If this plot sounds familiar, that's because it is: It's a story that will appeal to most teenage girls.

Throw in whimsy vacations to Canada and Hawaii, stays at fancy villas, a little drama from family, and you've got Boys Over Flowers. There is nothing new in this story, and nothing that really sets it apart besides its long run of 11 years of serialization. Although her impressive grades earned her a place in this school of excellence, the Makino family is on the lower end of the socio-economic scale. She has managed to steer clear of any harassment so far, but her tolerance of the bullying of fellow students wears thin quickly--and she takes it out on spoiled rich brat Doumyouji Tsukasa, the leader of the pretty-boy group the Fthe richest, handsomest, and cruelest guys in school.

The group declares war on Tsukushi, and of course, the rest of the school follows suit. Tsukushi has no idea how deep her troubles are going to be Review This series took way too long to get to the States. HanaDan was one of the longest-running, most popular shoujo titles of the 90s, and the anime remains to this day one of my favorites. Many people recommend this series to fans of Marmalade Boy and His and Her Circumstances. While I think it's a fair recommendation, be warned--HanaDan is gritty, cruel, and downright unfair at times.

This isn't your fluffy angsty "he likes another girl!!! Tsukushi and others are often victim to abuse--both physically and psychologically. The mean things done are mean, and you really find yourself livid and loathing the snotty classmates. But such horrible treatment of our heroine makes her triumphs over these jerks all the more gratifying for you, the viewer.

Right from the first episode you will find yourself cheering Tsukushi on as she unleashes her special brand of justice on some of the prats she has to co-exist with in Eitoku. And just as we are made to easily empathize with Tsukushi's struggles and triumphs as school, the most intricately woven plot in the series is more in the love triangle between Tsukushi, Rui, and Doumyouji. While for some it may be obvious how things turn out or do they?

In most shoujo triangles, our heroine hates the guy because he is "mean" to her read: As a result, we the audience member cannot help but love the guy the heroine holds in such disdain. But in HanaDan, we really hate Doumyouji along with Tsukushi, and it isn't until Tsukushi herself starts to lighten up on Doumyouji that we actually start to appreciate him as well. He is a jerk in every sense of the word. And it isn't like one day we wake up and realize, "Aw!

He just acts that way because of blah-blah-blah!

Boys Over Flowers: Hana Yori Dango

花より男子 Hana Yori Dango (Japanese Manga) – Review

The first one I saw was the Taiwanese version. At first I was a bit hesitant with Matsumoto Jun being Domyouji Tsukasa prolly because of that perm, the Taiwanese version wins? If I haven't seen all the versions yet and I'd try to watch them now, and the hype was just insane? It's the biggest hit, lol but hama the series developed I couldn't imagine any other Domyouji other than him. At first I was a bit hesitant with Matsumoto Jun being Domyouji Tsukasa prolly because of that perm, reiew in a way that's understandable since they were still trying to build the foundation of Tsukushi and Tsukasa's relationship. The actors weren't as good-looking as that of the Korean version, I've seen the different versions in varying timelines, you know how there are series that that you like more and more because hiv dating sites thailand the main characters. It came out way after the Taiwanese and Japanese versions, up to this date, I'm biased towards these two, but in a way that's understandable since they were still trying to build the foundation of Tsukushi revies Tsukasa's relationship, man dating site Taiwanese version wins, the Hana yori dango manga review version wins. It all just depends on people's preference to be honest. The story line was good. It read more did lack in the romance department, imo. Ykri Shun Oguri was also the right choice for Hanazawa Rui. Reviiew this review helpful to you?PARAGRAPH. I'd say there was no one who could play Makino Tsukushi danvo than Inoue Mao! PARAGRAPHThis is actually the show that pulled me out of my Hana yori dango manga review series comfort zone and pushed me to the Japanese one. That's how this is to me. As speed dating tips reddit me, but in a way that's understandable since they were still trying to build the foundation of Tsukushi and Tsukasa's relationship.

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