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Because the odds are a whole lot more likely that I'll meet a dude online than I will in real life. I work with mostly ladies, and while they are awesome, I am not attracted to ladies. When work is through, I go to the gym or usually I go home. So unless I plan on the potential disaster of hitting on someone at the gym or on the subway where I feel like I'd just immediately be arrested for harassment , I've got to keep an open mind where online dating is concerned.

It's not always easy. In fact, it's far more likely that I'll decide to start taking classes or going to science lectures in the hopes of awkwardly meeting someone with whom I'd like to bump uglies, try that for a while, and when it doesn't work, then I reactivate all my old accounts. Nothing changes when it comes to dating. There are basically six types of guys you come across. It can be bleak, but I do it anyway.

Because while I'm a cynic, I'm also a romantic. He's out there, I just, in the immortal words of Michael Buble, haven't met him yet. The Two-Letter Lover "hi" That's all he has to say. No caps, no punctuation, maybe an emoticon if you're lucky. He's into you enough to spend less than two seconds composing a message. He's into you enough to trick you into doing the heavy lifting. In other words, he's not into you at all. Dudes of the world, you're better off not messaging us at all if 'hi' is all you have to say.

Captain Overshare He seemed cute in his profile. His answers were quippy and on point; his photos were adorable. You guys like all the same bands! You should be psyched when you see his message in your inbox. Until you open it and see that it's just an unsolicited photo of his junk. Don't call us, penis. Wuthering Heights Things are going great with this guy! You might even have made it as far as going out on a couple of dates. Ladies, beware the deceptive older guy who claims to be the same age as you, but in reality is a lonely man in his fifties, lurking behind his computer screen.

This older man hides his identity behind a Shutterstock photo of a devilishly dapper young man. His profile is deceivingly contemporary and hip, as he has spent hours scouring social media feeds to keep up to date. Your best bet is to throw a few contemporary trivia queries his way to see if he is who he says he is. The Authentic Unlucky In Love via: The authentic unlucky in love man is still eager to find the one, so give him a chance before you judge him solely on his bad breakup count.

Give him the chance to show you his heart, and you might not want to give it back! So why is his ex featured on his online dating profile picture, and why does he casually slip her name into conversations with you? The Single Dad via: He includes her cute little catch phrases in his profile description and caters all his interests to his proud daddy lifestyle. Be prepared for some serious third-wheeling because his daughter is going to be involved in every outing, date and adventure you two plan on taking together.

The Escape Artist Here today, gone tomorrow? In the internet dating world, this guy is your modern-day Houdini. He charms and romances you, makes you laugh with his sarcastic wit, excites you with plans of future dates and outings with you, and then disappears without a trace, leaving you with a cloud of smoke and questioning whether it was all a dream. The escape artist finds his thrill in the hunt and in the art of seduction.

The Funny Guy via: Funny cracks jokes a mile a minute. Does he have a job? Does he like dogs? Is he an ax murderer? Humor is a wonderful thing, but if someone is constantly clowning around and never serious about anything, he might be working hard to conceal something. Sarcasm is a serious safety blanket and while it might not seem it, he could be hiding some major insecurities under there.

Sometimes all you want is a sincere response without a punchline. The Desperate Dude The English bloke you started chatting with last week is good looking enough, temperately funny and strangely agreeable. This eager suitor appears to be the perfect online match and his hobbies and interests seem to be catered exactly to yours — or so he claims. What you need to know is that this dude is likely compliant not out of synchronicity, but out of desperation.

Obviously, he recognizes your amazing personality how could he not? Despite your continued lack of responses and engagement, he continues to message you in the one-sided dialogue. The Long-Distance Romancer via:

The 10 Types Of Guys You’ll Meet Online Dating

6 Types of Men You Meet Online Dating

He loves the ego boost people connecting with him gives him and he loves to see how far he dating chinese imaria get you to go. The One with the History Finally and perhaps the most common type of man you meet online dating, proceed with caution with a man who has history. It can be extremely flattering and the conversation can often be very interesting but there are plenty of men out there looking for that older woman to fund their lifestyle. It is quite likely he is very fake and ingenuine and perhaps even hiding behind a fake profile. It can be difficult to distinguish the genuine guys in this situation as there are of course some men who truly do live this life of luxury but they are very rare - be wary. It is quite likely he is very fake and ingenuine and perhaps even hiding behind a fake profile. One such personality type is the guy who absolutely loves the chase. The Type of guy online dating Who Loves Cougars Ever noticed that younger guys seem to be getting in contact. The One Who Has All the Charm He may seem like the perfect lad. They want to get to know the real you, he may be a dating someone from another class catfish. They are flashy in every aspect of their life - they have the perfect profile picture and always seem to be type of guy online dating themselves in the latest must see destination. Many men are russian jewish dating interested in the chase or type of guy online dating getting to know a woman for the purpose of getting them into bed and then moving onto the next one. The things they say may not necessarily be true and it can happen to anyone. Whether they are currently in the process of divorcing their ex-partner or simply hung up on an ex, type of guy online dating may be a total catfish. There are some genuine guys out there who are more than happy to get to know you slowly and take their time. He knows exactly the right things to say and when to say them. They are flashy in every aspect of their life - they have the perfect profile picture and always seem to be sunning themselves in the latest must see destination.

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