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We promised we would text each other as soon as we had our results. Two days later, Christine got her email and found she had two matches. She called me screaming with joy, so I responded with the same action, of course. I patiently waited for my email to arrive Read: I was worried, as a good two hours passed after Christine had received her email and I still had nothing! Christine neglected to tell me her email was stashed in her junk folder, but when I checked mine, I found my note!

I took a deep breath and opened the email. Scrolling through, I stopped. I had five matches! This thing actually worked? Who will I contact first? Where will we go on our first real dates? Can I talk to these people for longer than three minutes? These are questions that time will help me find the answers to. Regardless of whether the speed dating results work out for Christine and I, I am happy I took the plunge and tried something new.

I broke out of my comfort zone and learned a lot about myself and 25 other people! Hopefully, I will have the opportunity to learn even more about five of the 25 men I encountered a few weeks ago. I strongly encourage anyone who wants to try something new to give speed dating a try. And, if your speed dating experience totally sucks, you will have hilarious stories to tell. Maybe they will be so hilarious, you will be inspired to write an opinion piece for a major newspaper about speed-dating and score a gig as a columnist at a media monster.

The title of this week's GTA Tripping is sort of a lie - while I am the sort of person who would do almost anything once - including speed dating - I wouldn't be caught dead doing speed. Actually, I think if I did speed I would be caught dead, or dying at least, on the sidewalk somewhere with my palpitating heart having a party beside my body. I say "on speed" because for those of us who tend to be on the hyper charged side of the mood scale at the best of times, this sort of thing is compounded in this context.

But of course, this is everyone's story. Just as we do when we approach an immigration officer at the airport, we naturally feel a few nerves in front of new people, especially if they have some power over us, or are most certainly judging us. Remind me to never have a first date with an immigration officer. At the speed dating night last Wednesday, hosted by 25dates. The thing about being on a three minute date is that under that pressure most everything you say will sound foreign and weird to you.

You'll listen to it exit your mouth and float across the table for interpretation and then sit there, amazed by how boring "What do you do? I can't say I found the love of my life this night, but it was worth it anyway. Like an extreme sport of a more social type, it was fun and intense watching what people ourselves included would say or do under the influence of each other. My animal marriage question, for example. It's a metaphorical thing and I believe it can reveal volumes about one's tastes and personality.

My answer, in case you're wondering, is a cat, because I like independence and coyness bordering on the aloof. One of my friends, on the other hand, likes to answer "any beast of burden," because he's not so into dishes. But the poor young woman I posed the question to on this night reacted negatively, stating in a fevered and borderline insulted tone that "you can't marry animals, that's crazy! So I decided to talk mostly about work. I didn't want to tell people that the reason I was there was to write about it, as that would imply that I was above the thing, detached -- a chin stroking observer.

Instead I wanted to be "there". This kind of empathetic charity didn't extend to most of the young women I sat in front of however -- many of them were quick to point out that this was their first time and that they normally don't do this kind of thing. Petia, this week's GTA Tripping photographer, on the other hand, made sure to offer her intent disclaimer right off the bat, much to the chagrin of her parade of eager suitors. Determined to do this thing for real, I was sweating buckets, my mouth was on autopilot, and the whiskey wasn't making a dent.

My awkwardness was compounded by the fact that each woman's name tag and number which I needed in order to check "yes" or "no" on my scorecard was stuck precariously along revealing necklines or lacy camisoles. This had me leering at each woman's chest as I stood up to move on to the next table, trying to find her number before she noticed my eye line.

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