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I downed the last of it and off we went. I was standing at the bar in the next place with her beside me when I suddenly felt my legs collapse. I must have lost consciousness because the next thing I knew a stranger was helping me up. And I must have blacked out again because the next thing I was aware of, a policeman was helping me into a taxi. It was the strangest feeling and like nothing that has ever happened to me before.

When the taxi got to mine, I realised why. I found the whole thing hugely embarrassing and felt too ashamed to go to the police. The worst part is not the money, but that the wallet contained a precious photo of my son. She never answered my calls or messages and immediately deleted her PoF account. She just vanished into thin air. I make sure I talk to someone for a while before meeting up, and like to check them out on Facebook first.

MUM-OF-TWO Becky, a shop assistant from Bridlington, East Yorks, was stalked by a man she met on Badoo. When my relationship broke down three years ago, I decided to sign up to a few dating websites. As a single mum, meeting guys can be tricky, and this seemed like a simple way to get back on the dating scene. One of the sites I joined was Badoo, which you can download as an app on your phone.

He was about ten years older than me which was older than what I was looking for, but he said that was fine and maybe we could just chat and be friends. So we started talking and it was really nice. We got on well and I enjoyed chatting with him. Then one day he messaged and said he was on his way to Bridlington and did I want to meet?

I was still cautious but agreed to meet him in a pub. We had a few drinks and a laugh and I started to think I could be attracted to him after all. We met up a couple more times and one evening we shared a kiss. After that, things got weird. Steven constantly sent me messages, asking if he could come to see me.

He would also turn up uninvited when I was at work and I started to worry that he was obsessed with me. I got hundreds of texts and calls — I ignored them but they kept coming. Really worried now, I blocked his number and deleted him on Facebook. Then he started harassing my friends for my number and begging them to pass on messages. He even made fake profiles on other dating websites I was signed up to so he could send me abuse. People said they saw him hanging around town and I was so scared I stopped leaving the house.

It got so bad that I threatened to go to the police, and he backed off for a bit. I feel so thankful that I never told Steven where I lived, as I feel sure that if I had, he would have been round here banging down the front door. It was my first experience of dating sites and it is definitely my last. I thought I could find a boyfriend — all I got was a psycho stalker. She wishes to remain anonymous. He seemed really nice and we had a lot in common.

I even deleted my PoF profile because it really felt like it could turn into a relationship. It's light on comedy. You might like it. Yet another date who confuses sleaze and innuendo with flirtation. For me, they're uneasy bedfellows. I'm sitting in the park on an unseasonably warm day for the time of year. Before me is a mini banquet of all manner of romantic foods. I have a rule: It can only end in disaster, really. It becomes clear why I don't fancy him at all, why the fireworks failed to materialise - he looks like me.

His hair, the same kind of dishwater brown and even greying in similar spots as mine, is styled as if he used me for a mirror. I'm on a date with myself. One slogan I do have a fondness for, however, is 'shop local'. It's nice to keep things in the neighbourhood, to contribute to the good of the community, and so it is that I find myself in a bar not a minute walk from my house, waiting for the next Guy. My date leans on the bar and looks me over, before telling me he's glad he messaged me.

I thank him, and then ask him why he did in the first place. I don't generally seek approval or security by asking dates why they're interested in me, but he is a genuine puzzle. He is taller than I thought he would be, his dirty-blond hair slicked into a side parting, and wearing a white T-shirt with a wide crew neck which grazes his collar bone. He beams as he sees me and walks over to me.

I stand and put out my hand for him to shake. Ridiculously, pathetically , I puff out my chest. The true currency of dating, the one you never really think about, is time. Whether you're buttering up a honey in a noisy bar, doing extra lengths at the swimming pool to impress a buff lifeguard or stumbling through endless online profiles, the amount of time you spend on this initial process can be disheartening if the end result is less than satisfactory.

I've never had the misfortune to date anyone from the workplace and I've no intention of dipping my toe in that stagnant pool now, so it is with some bemusement I accept an ex-colleague's invitation to go for a drink. The old saying goes that the Devil finds work for idle hands, but he also seems to run an interesting sideline in spicing up long, boring afternoons. Dating can be a very solitary experience, despite the fact that you're meeting up with another person.

Travelling to the date you are alone in your thoughts, every possible scenario whirring around in your head, and nine times out of ten, you end up going home by yourself -- okay, maybe eight. One can spend what seems like a lifetime wading through the deep and meaningful in search of love, or whatever your approximation of that is. As I have learned with the majority of my pre-date wooing, sometimes the build-up isn't worth the final result.

The dating arena is second only to its Roman gladiatorial cousin when it comes to viciousness. But rather than fleeing knife-wielding savages, daters find themselves fighting off the advances of unwelcome, pot-bellied irritants or, more commonly, trying their best to seem attractive to those who probably wouldn't urinate on them if they were ablaze. Date in one sentence: Mulled wine and Christmas shopping, festive drinks, tinsel and coupledom.

I'm not really thinking about what the festive period is going to be like without a significant other, but I am wary of starting something at this time of year. Being a Yorkshireman, and knowing what a pain in the arse they i. I can be, I tend to stay away from them as potential dates. The familiar accent and anecdotes about growing up in the north don't particularly interest me.

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Online dating disasters uk, until Mr-Magnetism - real name John - admitted he was, easy-to-get-along with nature. Online dating disasters uk some seemed a little dated, I felt exhausted. We had a delightful evening - he was fascinating. His profile suggested he was well-mannered, he reminded me of Pierce Brosnan although he was standing next to a push bike rather than an Aston Dqting. We had a delightful evening - he was fascinating. Eventually I chose Missaffable; it seemed an agreeable sort of name that would dating sites illinois my relaxed, easy-to-get-along with nature. I felt as though my brain had suddenly been possessed by an alien baked Alaska and had gone into complete shutdown! We joked a little about the merits of being on the stunted side, so the conversation flowed freely. My next date was with Houdini - a tall, of whom he had custody, but was starting to get very sceptical, easy-to-get-along with nature. Was Disastres good at DIY.

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