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However, it's worth bearing in mind that such a dangerous and demanding job comes with its own dating obstacles. Take advantage of technology: The biggest obstacle when dating a soldier is distance. Fortunately we live in an age of instant communication so embrace this and schedule regular online dates to keep in touch and get to know each other despite the oceans that are in your way.

While you might be able to treat yourself on a week night or only have to wait till the weekend, your date may have gone months without the same type of leisure time that you take for granted. With this in mind make sure and offer them a good time between deployments! Their uniform - if you like a man or woman in uniform, there is no better example than someone in the armed forces.

They're disciplined - this is a useful skill in all aspects of life, from balancing your finances to keeping your house tidy, and it might help you pick up some good habits too. Army Dating Site If you're a soldier on the lookout for a new romance, there is no reason why your career should be an insurmountable obstacle. Thanks to the work you do, there are already lots of people who would be interesting in meeting a single soldier like you.

We know it can be tricky to get things started when you're serving in the army so we've come up with some simple advice to help you make sure that your new romance can flourish no matter where you're stationed. Find military friends and mingle with likeminded professionals. There are plenty of singles out there who knows just how demanding it can be to have being a hero as your profession… Meet Single Military Men Right Here! So you fancy men in uniform who have a certain panache?

Especially dashing soldiers and marines? Well, you could join the army, the navy or the air force. Here you are guaranteed to meet single military officers, something your local bar might not offer. It makes it easier for them finding dates. And, thankfully, easier for you to find a guy in uniform who rocks your world!

So how do you meet them? You sign up to UniformDating. As girls in the military often travel online dating is perfect for them. They can schedule dates when they are still away, so they have more time for the actual dating when they get home. The bar scene is fun, but bars are better if you go there to have fun, as opposed to trying to find a date. I work full time as a civil servant working in the Ministry of Defence at a reserve forces training centre and as of the 4th May I am no longer serving in the army reserve.

Im pretty well grounded and very honest does my bum look big in this? Hhhmmm do 1, I lie to you? Or 2, do I tell you the truth and have you not speak to me for a few hours? I'll go with door No2 , I'm genuine, very open minded and I speak my mind type of guy, also laid back too and I love a good laugh REMEMBER GIRLS: I have a lovely daughter aged 14 who doesn't live with me. I like Thai, Chinese and Mexican foods infact anything spicy including you! I like Muse, Snow Patrol, chart stuff, trace and dance.

Thrillers, Sci Fi, Action I'm always downloading something.


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