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What made you decide to include women in all your videos? Without that very important female touch, the TipsyBartender show that you see today would not exist. When you create your videos, how do you balance entertaining your audience with conveying your recipes? We maintain a very delicate balance between entertainment and education. We keep our recipes simple, which allows us to focus on the entertainment more.

Our goal is to learn and have fun while doing it. We are, after all, a party channel. What in your mind is the most important component of a good cocktail? Drinking is supposed to be enjoyable, not feel like a damn chemistry exam. There are too many to list. Some of the favorite drinks I made were the rainbow shots , because that was difficult to learn how to do.

My favorites would probably have to be ice cream drinks or drinks based around rum, especially coconut rum. I actually got fired because of TipsyBartender. I was spending so much time on the show, so much time editing that I needed to get my shifts covered. They discovered that in four months following our meeting, I only worked once. TipsyBartender morphed into a truly global brand where we have tons of fans all over the world, primarily because we focused on Facebook , where videos are very easily shared.

Emma borrowed an Audrey Hepburn-esque look in mock turtleneck and big shades There's more: Tip-tilted shades and a cosy black shirt helped Emma to promote yet another eye-catching piece 'The fun part was seeing the pieces in all different colors and picking favorites. Emma showed a glimmer of childhood nostalgia in a billowy floral print dress with ruffed hemline that she paired with round, pink-framed sunglasses. Emma sat on the pavement with legs akimbo Coffee, tea or me: The young star showed that she can be an ace in the kitchen too The star traded girly style for chic in a grey-striped frock matched with a checkered jacket.

At one point, Emma slipped into another clingy strapless top to give a necklace it's well-deserved attention. Emma borrowed a look from Audrey Hepburn in a sleeveless, black mock turtleneck sweater and large shades while displaying a heavily beaded necklace. Letting her hair down: Emma showed off an intricate pair of long earrings that dangled among her tresses What's in her closet: The actress drew design ideas from a personal source - her closet - saying, 'I had boxes and boxes of magazine cut outs from the past five years of fashion and jewelry inspiration' The actress got to exhibit her sporty side too in a billowy white skirt and denim jacket.

She was also pictured showing off a multi-layered piece of work with black top and burgundy skirt. It must have been a welcome retreat from the creepy plots and sub-plots on American Horror Story: I read the script and I was having nightmares,' Emma told E! Emma plays Maggie Esmeralda in American Horror Story: Freak Show which she admitted is 'really scarier

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