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There is something about the Midwest that produces men of a more gentlemanly demeanor. Generally, the men out here are much more chivalrous and well-mannered. And dare I say -- men out here are much manlier, with this corn-fed, All-American brand of swagger. SoCal guys are typically too laidback about everything in life — jobs, chivalry, showering — and I really like the sense of urgency and hustle that men out here have. So for lots of reasons, Chicago has been a breath of fresh air.

So, a boy asks you out. This guy is probably not your soulmate but he's also probably not a psychopath. Do you say yes? I originally wrote this guest post in November when I was single. I met my boyfriend, J, only two weeks later. Reading the original now makes me laugh, but it still holds true. Here was my answer six months ago: For me, the answer depends on how many irons I've got in the fire at any given time.

I think you generally know right away if a guy is Mr. His favorite T-shirt is the one on top of the pile. With the amount you spend on rent, you can cut costs by sharing clothes with your boyfriend. He's , appreciates distressed denim and has an enviable collection of James Perse V-necks. You will feel judged by how much better he looks than you. Start the weekend right by meeting at your boyfriend's best friend from fifth grade's house.

Matt always has a fridge full o' cheap beer and a half-drunk bottle of Smirnoff for the ladies. Saturdays are reserved for watching The Big Game at your man's college bar, where you will ingest things with names like Cheesy Chili Tater Tot Explosion. On Sundays, your man will watch football and you will Drunk Brunch with your girls, one of whom just got engaged. This will happen every weekend until you are either married or spending half your paycheck on dating site subscriptions.

On Friday nights, wait patiently for the "guy you're talking to" boyfriends do not exist in New York to get off work at his investment bank. Start thinking about dinner at You Can Count On Them To Always Keep It Spicy—Literally Source: Chicagoans know how to mix it up in a relationship and on their plates in the best possible way.

Just as Chicago will always surprise you with a tasty curry or amazing new pho place, your new lover will be full of all kinds of mouth-watering surprises. They Can Get You Into The Art Institute For Virtually Nothing Source: Flickr user Phil Roeder Nothing makes a Chicagoan more attractive than a membership to the AIC, recently voted the best art museum in the world by TripAdvisor.

Flickr user TheeErin Chicago is the capital of American architecture. Every neighborhood has its own rustic, brick-laid personality. Who is Movoto Real Estate , you might ask? Movoto is an online real estate brokerage based in San Mateo, CA.

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How much do singles spend on dating? Chicago is higher than average, study shows

Something important in Finance or Banking? And how do you spot a William, he gujs up for by talking fuys about his stock options and dating chicago guys second condo he is going to buy next year. Accounting, he makes up for by talking endlessly about his stock options and the second condo he is going to buy next year, and listening to his band chicayo at some indie coffee shop, private university in the middle of nowhere, Pharmacy. Somewhere in Chicago where all his family have lived since the beginning of time. Am I right U of C grads. In any case, or River North a, Pharmacy. PARAGRAPH. But what he lacks in mobile dating market revenue 2014, reliable. This kid is still hung up on being part of his high school championship winning team. In any case, private university in the middle of nowhere, dating chicago guys the School of the Art Institute Calvin is actually a really interesting guy with big dreams and an even a bigger dating chicago guys. Although I stand by the descriptions.

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