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Then I met David and everything changed. When we started rehearsing, David was real shy with me. I began to send him teasing notes - it's what I do when I kinda like someone. I wrote that he was a wimp because he didn't do as many press-ups as me. At nights we used to walk on the beach after dinner. The moon was always out on the water, and one night I said: All the other mermaids were nuts for David. One day I saw this gorgeous mermaid, dressed in shimmering paste jewels, all over David and I started to feel like 'Hey, this is my friend, keep outta it, walk outta the way.

But it was during an intimate moment in a Miami hotel that I realised I loved him, that I wanted to marry him. That week I dreamt that we were Neanderthal people walking into the sun in a desert and we spent our whole life there. Two weeks after we'd really gotten together, he was talking about marriage. I mean, marriage] Dave and I had talked about it for six years and decided we shouldn't do anything hasty. I said to my make-up lady, who's real wise: But David and I were a bit more cautious than that.

When the film was finished, we spent a month alone together at Cape Cod. We could stand each other, so we decided to go ahead and marry. Then came the real problem: I've never made a conscious effort to be outrageous, but I've been shocked by how upset people have been by my clothes. I've had them skidding to a halt in the road and shouting abuse, I've had just about everything thrown at me, including stones and lighted cigarette butts.

Anyhow, I wanted to wear hot pants and go-go boots but everyone said no, so I went to Saks in the end. I chose an on-the-knee white satin number - very Sixties - with embroidery down the front. I had a pill- box hat with a veil and satin shoes. My hair was blonde - it's purple now. Of course, I have wondered what David's parents must make of having me as a daughter-in-law. David's father is one for serious knowledge. He taught English at Harvard.

I saw him twitching during the ceremony because I murdered vowels all over the place. At one moment he had a tear in his eye and I took him by the arm and said: You're not losing a son, you're gaining somebody who don't speak English too good]' Sure, there are things I don't like about David. Number one, he doesn't like TV and always shuts it off. And, two, he likes to debate. I come from a Sicilian family and we yell all the time.

If you get into a discussion with an Italian-American, it's not a discussion, it's like, 'Well, whaddya mean? With David, we'll be talking and he'll suddenly say: But those are just little things. I want us to live in an elegant way, having poetic moments. When I'm 80 years old, I hope we still want to jump each other's bones.

David thornton dating

A look back at the many women — and the failed relationships — of Billy Bob Thornton

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