Perks Of Dating A Tall Girl

But a look at those beautifully structured tall legs, and you know you are getting the best of the deal. Body features shine out in abundance in taller girls, and those super sexy legs are a part of it. No bending down to kiss anymore: Really healthy for your posture. And if you stand shorter than the girl you are dating, well never mind.

You will have a sweet, loving face to look up to and she can do the hard work of bending and giving you a kiss. Oh, and she will have the most flattering angle of yours to look to too. Patience comes with great height: You go to a store and most of the clothes you like are too short for you. Or the shoes you love and know for a fact will look great on you are not available in your size.

If facing this, for most of their life is not enough to inspire them to be patient, then what is! Tall girls are generally more patient and you will enjoy their company all the more for it. The taller they are, the more there is for you to love: The taller your girl is, the more there is of her that you can love. That surely is a great thing. Shopping with her will pretty much the worst.

Not being able to find that one elusive size 14 in the tall section is never going to end in a nice relaxing stroll around town. And yes, before you ask, she has tried Long Tall Sally. It's perfectly fine, but don't us Goliaths deserve more than just 'fine'? If you're dating a woman of height, there's a good chance she's also a woman of foot-length, so just be nice when she asks you if that pair of Converse make her feet look like a Viking longboat.

The answer's always no, okay? Advertisement - Continue Reading Below 7. Don't feel bad if she bangs her head on the mood lighting in the posh restaurant you take her to on your first date. Your ladyfriend is probably a little self-conscious when she's at gigs, so don't ask her why she's crouching a little for the entirety of her favourite band's set. Just let her do it.

Same goes for the cinema. If she wants to slouch down in her seat or tilt her head to the side at a spine-destroying angle, then just let it slide. Don't be surprised if when you go to meet the family for the first time, they resemble the subs bench at a Chicago Bulls game. If she's tall, the rest of them probably are too.

I hope you like photos of her from the neck down, because that's all you'll be getting from now on because people always cut her head clean off. Especially in group photos. Oh the joy… Flights or any mode of transport actually are the worst. Expect a tonne of complaining when the 4ft 3 kid in front reclines. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below

Why Shorter Men Should Go After Taller Women

The unforeseen benefits of dating a tall girl

You can wear 5-inch heels and still be shorter than him. He's the designated lightbulb changer. He's the designated lightbulb changer? Your calves are super-ripped if you're on your tiptoes all the time. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below 3! PARAGRAPH. You can wear 5-inch heels and still be shorter than him. Even if I don't fit into his jeans, I still feel like I could probably fit 16 and up dating sites his pocket. Even if I don't fit into his jeans, but he still grabs it perks of dating a tall girl me every single time. You will never lose him in a crowd! Even if I don't fit into his jeans, but he still grabs it for me every single time.

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