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This may not be so bad when business is booming, but anything negative is often blamed on romantic relationships between colleagues. Do not compliment her about how she looks or how she smells when inside business premises or when in a business meeting. Heck, even if you guys are having sandwich alone, if the agenda is to talk about a business proposal, there is no way you are telling her how shapely her legs look in her trousers.

Be very discreet when you have to go out on dates. Go somewhere far from your office or business locations. It will greatly help you both maintain that mental distance between pleasure and your work. Do not use a business advantage to make romantic advances. Use your personal contacts for personal purposes and keep your business contacts for business purposes. Call her on her phone preferably outside working hours. Sure it gets tempting to exchange naughty innuendos with each other at work, but nothing can be more unprofessional.

Learn to control yourselves set clear boundaries between workplace and romance. If one of you expects to make thousands, and the other is happy to stay small, then problems are bound to arise. Mutual respect is also crucial. You have to value and respect your partner's contribution to the whole, because without it, it's not going to work. I once worked with one gentleman and I am being generous in my use of that word who clearly didn't like women, had no respect for my contributions and felt I was just his gopher.

I ended the relationship as soon as the project was done. When you're an entrepreneur, one of the reasons you've chosen that path is because you want to be in control of your own destiny. So it is not surprising that there are control issues when there are two captains steering the ship, and even more so when there is no real agreement on the end destination!

Ego can kill a project faster than anything. I've written my share of articles on partnerships and have often joked that I really should read and heed my own advice! I see real merit in collaboration, in working with like-minded individuals who share a common audience or goal. It actually makes business sense. All corporate law, including non-profits and charitable fraternal organizations. This answer was rated: I was clear in telling her we cannot have physical contact at office.

I would remind her each time because it made me uncomfortable Over past 6 months of working there were various times she would walk in my office and kiss me or hug me and even once when there was oral sex. I did not complain at the time. Now we have parted badly and she is trying to sue me for using forms and logo from the old company with my new company. Can I threaten sexual harassment suit and would I have a case?

I simply want some leverage to have her drop it and get out of my life.

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