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The Power of the Purse Purse behavior is a form of nonverbal communication. It is how someone interacts with their environment based on their emotions. The purse is an interesting indicator of nonverbal behavior. For example, if a woman is feeling uncomfortable or not attracted to someone she will either clutch her bag tightly or place it in front of or covering her body. When a woman is attracted to a man she literally and figuratively wants nothing to stand in the way between her and her man.

If she is loosely holding her purse and it is not blocking her front this shows she is at ease and feels more attraction. Better yet, if she puts it on the floor, a nearby table or on the back of the chair she wants it out of the way for her interactions with you. I was actually at a singles event the other night and watched a man and woman talking. The woman had her purse partially blocking her body and was tightly gripping the handle under her arm.

Then the man told her he was a doctor and the woman literally swung her purse up and over her shoulder out of the way. Studies have found that when someone is near an attractive person their heart rate increases. AND this works both ways. This then artificially made the person seem even more attractive. People seem more attractive when our heart is racing.

August 15, Share this wisdom Tweet this wisdom No matter what words come out of your mouth, the body tells all. What does your body language say? From your personal to your professional life, reading body language and mastering your own could change your life. Imagine a new, confident you all by changing how you stand, gesture, and look at others. Imagine not having to guess if someone likes you. Usually when you try to meet someone new, you rely mainly on verbal communication and in many cases, dressing up.

After all, if you at least look good, stumbling over a few words might not seem as bad, right? If you want to come across as confident, attractive, and friendly, you have to give all the right physical signals. Show Who You Are or Who You Want to Be Millions have watched the now-famous TED talk Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are by the social psychologist, Amy Cuddy. In her talk, she discusses how you change both your own body chemistry and how others perceive you just by changing your body language.

If you want to be perceived a certain way, let your body language tell the story. Are you an introvert? According to Cuddy, practicing certain positions for just two minutes a day starts the transformation. Ask your date an easy question like what he wanted to be when he grew up or his greatest passion. Getty Images 2 of 13 What's His Comfort Level? According to former FBI agent and body language expert Joe Navarro, we have to first ask ourselves a very basic question: Is his overall body language comfortable leaning toward you, torso and feet pointed in your direction with a comfortable amount of eye contact or uncomfortable facing away from you, hands hidden, either staring at you or constantly breaking eye contact?

Getty Images 3 of 13 What His Posture Says Context: Fidgeting, avoiding eye contact, and sweating profusely would normally be bad body language—but on a first date, nervousness can make perfect sense. Before you can interpret the gesture, you have to figure out the context.


How to Read A Man's Body Language

From the site VKool. Sometimes, you will need to attract them and build a relationship with them if sex is all you want from them. To reading body language dating that you can avoid these kinds of awkward and ridiculous cases from occurring on a large scale, random women that you meet would be sexually dating across racer to you before you even say anything to them. Although, these ways can apply on a number dwting women, I recommend that you should keep your head on addressing the challenges you meet precisely and learning necessary skills for you to deal with and beat off these challenges. There are often 2 kinds of cases ,anguage meeting women that you can find yourself in: The second one is the one where you are not the favorite type of the woman you like and you simply cannot do anything about this. Bodyy, my advice is that you need to sugar mummy contact in accra on learning how to use your own body language to attract women properly as well as how to meet and approach reading body language dating many environments with different cases and conditions. Reading the female body language can be complex or simple but the real trick is to recognize clusters and progressions. One of the most common signs that people who want to know how to read female body language is the signs of disinterest. From the site VKool. Reading the female body language can be complex or simple but the real trick is to recognize clusters and progressions! This shows that the woman is trying to tell the man in front of her eyes that she is really tired and sick as he is standing reading body language dating to her and looking at her. Keep reading this writing to beautiful destiny dating how to read female body language of the woman you want to conquer.

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