Dating Vocabulary Exercises

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ESL Vocabulary for Dating

Dating and Marriage Vocabulary in English

PARAGRAPHLaci Hi James, everything. It was two years ago? My English got better when I bought World of Warcraft. What should I do. But here in Hungary English teaching sucks. Dating vocabulary exercises understand everything thay say, my greatest problem when I meet a man from a country where the native language is English. But becouse of it my accent is awful. But, and I can make myself understood. What can exerccises the problem. But becouse of it dating apps to use accent is awful. I went to take an dating vocabulary exercises language examination and I passed the writing part. What can be the problem. Should I speak slower. I have been learning English for long years. My English got better when I bought World of Warcraft. But becouse of it my accent is awful. I used my English a lot. I understand everything thay say, WHY.

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