101 Online Dating Questions

Do you feel it is important to save for retirement? Would you be willing to get a second job if we had financial problems? Do you have any debt? What if a family member wants to borrow a large sum of money? Who will take care of the financial matters of the household? Entertainment How often would you like to travel? Where would you like to travel? How important is spending time alone to you? How would you feel about me going on a trip with the girls boys for a couple of weeks?

How important is spending time with friends to you? What would be the perfect weekday evening to you? What would we do if we both had a break from work, but each of us had different ideas on how to spend it? Extended Family How often would you want to visit your family? How often will your family visit us? How often would you want my family to visit?

How often would you want to visit my family? Do you have a family history of diseases or genetic abnormalities? What if one of your family members said he disliked me? How would you handle holiday family visits? If your parents became ill, would you take them in? If my parents became ill, would you mind taking them in? Medical Information Does anyone in your family suffer from alcoholism? What is your medical family history? Would you be opposed to mental health treatment? If I had to change my diet because of medical concerns, would you be willing to change yours?

Are you willing to exercise with me to improve our health? Where do you want to live? Would you mind moving if I had to relocate with my job? About the Relationship and Marriage What would you do if we fell out of love? What are your career aspirations? What would you like to be doing five or ten years from now? What do you think is the best way to keep the love alive in a marriage? How do you think life will change if we got married? What is the best thing about marriage?

What is the worst thing about marriage? What is your idea of the best weekend? How important are wedding anniversaries to you? How would you like to spend special days? What kind of grandparent do you want to be someday? What type of house do you want to live in? What is your biggest fear about marriage? What excites you about getting married? What do wedding rings mean to you? Are you afraid to talk to me about anything? What do you think would improve our relationship?

What would be one thing you would change about our relationship? Do you have any doubts about the future of our relationship? Do you believe love can pull you through anything? Is there anything you don't trust about me? Miscellaneous Which would you choose - dishes or laundry? Do you like pets? How many pets do you want?

After all, compliments are a great way to let your date know that you find them interesting and likeable. First date questions and what you need to know Questions are easy to ask, but the perfect questions are ones that lead to conversations. At the same time, remember that some of the potentials you meet may be shy or may need a few minutes to open up and talk to you. Say something about yourself to help them feel comfortable or smile warmly.

Hopefully, your date will try to get to know you better really soon. Keep these 3 pointers in mind or you may end up alone on your date. Start with the simple questions to see how much of a talker your date really is. Use a few of these first date questions to get things warmed up and then, forget all about these questions. Read these questions, keep a few in your mind or store them on your cell phone, and use this list as ice breakers when the conversation starts to run dry.

And once you know how to create long conversations using those tips on what to talk about on a date, use these 40 first date questions to create new conversation ideas. Easy movie date tips to have a great date ] 11 What do you do after work every day? How to get to know a guy you want to date ] 19 Which parent are you closer to?

Here are a few questions that you can ask only if your date warms up to you and is interested in making conversations with you.

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31 Genuinely Interesting Questions For You To Ask Your Next Date

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