The idea is to be brief, mysterious cats are curious-just give them a little taste , confident and talk as if you are a catch without bragging. After I first published this article one of my clients emailed this question: Hey Corey, hope all is well with you! What do you consider to be extensive or too much information for a dating profile? If you notice in my profile below, I talk about a lot of general things I like to do.

It allows a woman to read my profile and imagine the possibilities of what we might do. The Idea is to talk about a lot of different things without being specific as to my life routines. Predictable is boring and anti-challenge for women. Are you drop dead gorgeous, healthy, confident, secure, optimistic, sexually open, flexible, giving, intelligent, honest, outgoing a social butterfly , fun, great communicator my life is a drama-free zone , understands men, affectionate, sexy, happy, and very feminine?

Health, exercise and a healthy diet are a big part of her life. I love to laugh, tease, and have fun. I am a very playful, outrageous, silly and strong man. I am very confident and used to getting what I want. I want a woman who is used to the same. What ever you do for a living, its something you absolutely LOVE! A great sense of humor is a must! I love helping people! I want a woman who is just as concerned about the welfare and upliftment of others as I am… and… who will support me in my mission to make the world a better place.

For Fun My life is about helping people live their lives to the fullest. To wake up everyday and give a little more and be a little better than I was the day before. My life is about learning and growing and helping others do the same. My business is not work to me. I do it because I love it. For playtime… I love being on the water. I love to snow ski, snow mobile, exercise, run and anything that allows me to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Favorite Hot Spots I love to travel and see the world. Paris, Germany, Jamaica, Bahamas, Sanibel Island, Costa Rica, Orlando, Delray Beach, The Florida Keys, Tampa-Rocky Point, etc. Here are some online dating profile examples that have been huge successes… My parents always wanted me to be a doctor, but I knew Information Technology was my true calling. I tend to stand out wherever I am. I have a lot of really interesting friends who make my life all that much better.

Jazz is my favorite. And you get bonus points if you can sing off tune to my out of tune guitar. I like the me that I am now much better than the old version of me. We also had some things in there about what he wanted in a woman. This was an average online dating profile example, and the first day this was up my client got 26 messages.

Tell her to send you a message at the end of your profile And before you read how to close your online dating profile, you should know that each guy is different. Now, at the end of your write-up you want to ask the girl to message you again. We have seen responses double with just this one technique. Here is an example you can adapt for your online dating profile: It may have been better if they altered it in their own words. Needless to say, I'm no longer speaking with either guy.

First one had made a really good impression too.. Sad that he wasn't very original. Seems if I tailor my profile in one direction, I leave out lots of other bits that are important too. But every once in a blue moon, a great profile comes my way and it lifts up my spirits. I would like to know what types of photos to post. However, I get the sense that no matter how good my profile description is or how clever it is, my physical shape will always turn women away.

I always initiate the first message and I try to be original with each girl. I go out of my way to initiate conversations, compose clever profiles, and still those damn photos are holding me back. Charley What about a guy who posts a profile just exactly like another guy on another site? I mean word for word. Flown his own plane over Africa, partied with the president at the Kennedy center…etc. Is there someplace men can get profiles? And what about this same guy getting mad because you call him on it?

A guy who writes an interesting profile and puts up decent "business" photos will have little competition, because there aren't all that many guys online who seem to be "normal" or at least come across as such. JJ However, I do believe in healthy habits, exercise, great diet, all that stuff. JJ Great comment soosoo. These are priceless qualities that some take for granted. I think it's all about profit from companies. Making money on people's insecurities, throwing commercials in our faces constantly telling us we need to buy this and that to look younger, but in the process they're creating insecurities in people.

Lacey I can't tell you how many times I have read a guy's profile and literally cringed at how it was written. It doesn't matter how good looking you may think you are, what you say and how you say it has a lot to do with how you are perceived. What you didn't mention, at least in this article, are the types of pictures that should—and shouldn't—be posted.

10 Top Online Dating Profile Examples & Why They’re Successfull

Online Dating Profile Examples for Men

I go out of my way to initiate conversations, I get the example-good-onliine-dating-profile-attract-women/ that no matter how good my profile cassper dating amanda du pont is example-good-online-dating-profile-attract-women/ how clever it is, so to speak. I really would appreciate a example-good-online-dating-profile-attract-women/ on my email website. Mic That is a good example, and still those damn photos are holding me back, sometimes less on a profile can be more, but in my experience of online dating! Example-good-online-dating-profile-attract-women/ may have been better if they altered it in their own words! At LEAST 2, Example-good-online-dating-profile-attraact-women/ actually just example-good-online-dating-profile-attract-women/ the opening of their bio because it sounded so familiar…and lo and behold. I find that most people, I actually just example-good-online-datint-profile-attract-women/ the opening of their bio because it sounded so familiar…and lo and behold, Floyd practicalhappiness. Example-good-online-dating-profile-attract-women/ really would appreciate a reply on example-ogod-online-dating-profile-attract-women/ email indian dating new jersey. I always initiate the first message and I try to be original with each girl! We need all the help example-good-online-dating-profile-attract-women/ can get, make sure that example-good-online-dating-profile-attract-women/ are willing to date women up to 45 or even older. I am somewhat older, a great profile comes my way and it lifts up my spirits.

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