American Girl Dating A Turkish Guy

I knew turkish man from online dating. He lives in UK for more than 35 years , and he has his own restaurant. He is divorced , has 2 boys who adult already 24 and 22 years old. Only 30 days we had chatting , then he told me for visiting me in Indonesia and asked me to marry him. And then he came , he asked permission to my father for marrying me and the next day we were married in Islam way.

Now we are still preparing the document for legal married in my country. He is very nice guy , caring , loving , romantic , religious and.. Its easy for us to understand and respect each other. He brought me to visit his mom and family in Turkey too. Alhamdulillah … Ladies, not all men are bad same also like women , but u need to be careful and follow ur heart but dont be blind bcos of non sense love. Sometimes a woman will shut off her mind when her heart tell the truth.

If u feel strange about a man u just knew , try to check on him. If he is nice and flirting with the woman in ur fake account , so just kick him out of ur life , no need explanation just leave him! Good luck with your Love! I gave up everything straight away stopped going out with friends stop doing everything I did before I met him , but this happend without even thinking about it.

I worked and lived for the times I would travel back to Turkey which was once every 3 months. For this reason too, sometimes people from Turkey appear complex and difficult to understand. So if you are interested in knowing what Turkish men are like, here is a brief pointer. Click here to see pics and videos of single women and men in your city looking for dates.

They are rather traditional Even though modern Turkey has adopted many of the western principles in sectors like health, education, economy and military, still Turkish society is rather traditional at heart. Men expect women to follow gender roles as laid down by tradition which essentially means taking care of the home and family. So if you are involved in a profession where you spend long hours with male co-workers, are out for most nights or touring in other towns, you can expect a Turkish male partner to disapprove.

Traditional notions about gender roles may also extend towards how much women in their family should earn, how they should spend and how far they should take family decisions. Having said this, not all Turkish men are rigidly patriarchal; there are a whole range of attitudes between the two extremes and if you wish to date a Turkish man, it would make sense to share your individual notions of gender roles and responsibilities.

In a club I saw a Turkish man inform a random German man that his girl is wandering off and needed to be watched more carefully. I have seen good looking Turkish men wing their brothers with horrendous women—all night long. It gets to the point where if the hottest girl wants to leave, the ugly ones will convince her to stay because they are being pursued so vigorously by men who are much more handsome than they are pretty. Their funds are lower than other European players, so they have to pool their money to keep the party going, which is why you tend to see them in packs.

This can be painful to watch, and even worse is that you know the girl will be much less receptive if you approach her afterwards because the Turk put her in a more sour mood. The sacrifice they make for their fellow man is admirable. Watching groups of Turkish men in a club is like witnessing a coordinated dance. The synergy they bring forth makes it hard to compete and they greatly increase the bitch shield of women they fail with.

In Turkey this simply does not occur.

American girl dating turkish man

Three Truths about Typical Turkish Men

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