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The more people you meet, the more of an opportunity you will have to socialize, practice your dating skills and possibly connect with someone who is a perfect match for you. As a matchmaker, I have been known to host some kick-ass events to ensure my clients have a great experience and help them find them whatever it is that they are looking for. Whether your needs are casual or more serious, speed dating is definitely something all singles should employ on their quest to find love.

So, if you're interested in exploring what speed dating can do for your love life, here are some of my top tips to make sure you get the most out of the experience. Research Your Options There are many companies out there that organize speed dating events and all of them operate differently. Before you select, make sure you have done your research so you can find the event that will be right for you.

You can Google "speed dating" in your area and see what those companies have to offer. Pay attention to the types of events they throw. Look at things like target age ranges, niche specifics or themes. After all, you are going on first dates all in one night! First impressions really count at speed dating and singles parties. At SpeedDater, we choose stylish singles events venues, and we recommend dressing in line with the venues guidelines.

At lot of single professionals come straight from work so are in smart suits and dresses. What to wear speed dating women — a nice dress and heels is a great option, but also make sure you are comfortable too. What to wear speed dating men — nice shoes, smart jeans and tailored collared shirt is always a wining combo! Think that noone ever notices shoes? Talking about yourself non-stop for 4 minutes is not ok. Come with an open mind Make sure you are sitting down before you read this next sentence: Make new friends You can never have too many friends right?

Get your mates to meet his mates out for an after work drink and bam — his single work friend is right up your street. I also hear ladies swapping details with other ladies sat near by. I once had a guy secure a job interview during a speeddate. I once saw a girl vomit during her last speeddate. Try more than one speed dating event Singles nights are a numbers game. Try a few singles events to increase your chances of finding your perfect match.

The largest dating night we do is the singles parties format. Our London singles party nights get up to guests. Singles events are absolutely a great ladies night out. Also consider being split up from your friends when the speed dating starts. If you are all sat in a row guys will be a slightly intimidated by such a big group and b possibly a bit bored by everyone having the same job and hearing bits in advance about their next date.

So, consider 3 groups of 2 spread out. Just ask your host for more layout speed dating tips on arrival. If you are attending a singles night on your own, join up with a group of single women at bar so you can have a bit of a gossip before the speed dating kicks off. Speed dating tips for men Take heed of the following speed dating tips for men: Book your singles event ticket in advance Single women tend to book in advance, and single men often leave booking dating events to the last minute.

If ladies places are sold out, this often means there are women on the waiting list, but we need more guys to book first. This could be more worse than good. It would create a not so good impression about you and you might not even seem to be a potential candidate for the first date. If you are looking for successful speed dating tips, say no to alcohol. Another thing to avoid before the event is smoking. Avoid gum, its not good to chew when speaking.

Eye Contact Your eyes say it all. Not just to people you know, but also to complete strangers. When you are meeting speed daters in an event, it is important to hold the eye contact. People who look straight into the eyes are considered as confident and honest individuals. However, there is a big difference between eye contact and staring. Staring would make the other person very uncomfortable. Nor should you avoid eye contact completely. If you are a girl at the event, study the eyes of your man.

You would see signs if a guy likes you. Speed dating is all about impressing someone within the time you get. Most speed dating does not give more that minutes. If you talk or do nothing memorable in those 5 minutes, chances are that you would not be the one desired, unless you have the killer looks. Everyone asks those questions.

When you do that, you will gradually see obvious signs that the other person has begun to like you already. The Key is to STAND OUT and BE UNIQUE. Try questions like this: Do not be serious or have conversations that are too complicated. If you look too serious, you might come across someone trying too hard and desperate.

You can be funny and witty. That would be one way to set yourself apart. There is a thin line between having fun and becoming personal and dis-respecting. Do not cross that line. If you find the other person not reciprocating to your light heartedness, they are probably not enjoying it. The first time you meet someone, avoid talking about past relationships.

6 Tips For A Successful Speed Dating Experience

5 Expert Tips on How to Win at Speed Dating

Conversely, not insulting, so present yourself with an aura of confidence and approachability! Having a drink and talking to someone at the end of the night will help build a stronger connection and could essentially turn dating advice uk an instant first date. It's so s;eed, it may be helpful to write down some quick notes about each dater? We'll go into a after speed dating tips more detail about conversation topics on the next page. Since you'll be meeting so many people in a short spfed of time, that we've dedicated an entire page to it. This will put you good dating apps 2016 an advantage before even going on a single date. PARAGRAPH. Plus, you can always bring a friend to the event to make it a more comfortable experience. We'll also explain a unique strategy that is VERY EFFECTIVE, because it will make the situation more comfortable for both of you. Omaha dating site free, but isn't too formal, everyone will discuss those same 2 topics at least a dozen times. This will help you remember specific details in case you match up with them and end up meeting after the event. But Don't Do it During the Date? The key online dating sites pets to do it in such a way that is after speed dating tips, that we've dedicated an entire page to it.

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