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Yeskey had taken her mother's pearl necklace to school unbeknownst to her mother and, one morning, watched in horror as she dropped it down the drain of her dorm-room sink. She quickly went to the front desk and filled out a maintenance request. Ten minutes later, Goldman showed up at her door. He was a student, but one of his jobs to pay for his room and board was to be the 'super' of Chesapeake Hall," Yeskey says.

Every time I saw him after that, I was like, 'There's my hero. She and Goldman remained friends. But after several years, she was unhappy with her work situation and ready to move on. Serendipitously, Goldman stopped by her office one day in , and Yeskey confided that she hated her job and started crying. Goldman, whose office manager had just left him, recalls the visit.

For one job, I had to take out my nose ring every day and cover up all my tattoos—I felt like I was pretending to be someone I wasn't. Duff has created everyone's fantasy, which is to work doing something you love with all your friends. I told him I wouldn't bail him out of military jail! The show wouldn't have done one-tenth of what it did without her. She added a dimension that made the show complete. So far, the frozen treats are "doing gang-busting.

Meanwhile, the bakery has been busting even more gangs with its line of decorating supplies. Last year, the shop began selling a few items to help people make custom cakes at home, starting with instant cut-out decorations on rice paper transfer sheets. Now they have about seventy different items for sale in craft stores -- everything from rolling pins to food coloring to fondant.

When Duff started decorating, he says, most retail supplies were "garbage. His goal in selling supplies is to make creating custom designs a less scary proposition. He hopes there will be up to different items for sale this fall, each of which is tested and used by every decorator in the bakery. In May, Duff will begin filming another show, one not based on his bakery.

He played some cool…he was Gladiator for crying out loud. I see him as being very pretentious and talking about himself in the third person. I can see that. Did you see Romper Stomper? No, I actually suck at seeing a lot of movies. OK, Romper Stomper is Russell Crowe, at like 18, and he was playing the neo-nazi, white power, weirdo Australian guy.

It makes Clockwork Orange look like Care Bears. I think that is a fantastic idea. Make some shit up. In what sense and in whose hands? Because when JPJ does that whole mellotron solo on No Quarter, oooo. I take it you are the bass player, then. I got it at a scratch and dent. I got a fretless for free from NAMM. A couple guys in the band and I are trying to go to NAMM next year. Two of the guys in my band used to work at PRS and they would go to NAMM all the time.

Have you ever thought about making a mellotron cake so you could at least pretend you had one? Makes me feel better. I have waking ones, too. Anything, you name it, man. Is your staff genuinely concerned when you use power tools, or have you proven your prowess with them yet? Umm, I refuse to answer that question on grounds that I might jinx myself. Last year I jammed a box cutter into my palm… TE!: Yea, it went in sideways. OK, so put your hand out flat.

It went underneath my thumb and slid towards my wrist. I have this little caterpillar scar because they had to sew it back up. I was sitting in the kitchen I was bleeding all over the place around bunch an art students. I grew up in a redneck family, so superglue and Band-Aids were pretty much the extent of our first aid kit. That and duct tape, man. I reattached a piece of my thumb once with duct tape.

Duff Goldman (Ace of Cakes, dude!) – Interview

Are Anna and Ben from the show Ace of Cakes dating?

She was working on modeling some tiny people for a cake. Now I have seen it on t. PARAGRAPH. She was so friendly and talked with us for a little while but had to get to an appointment. It was a fairly small but heavily used space. PARAGRAPH. One of the staff members, Mary Alice Yeskey came in and welcomed us, she had hilarious pictures hanging everywhere. If you are in the area, which also happens ackes be my birthday. PARAGRAPHTo say I was excited for this day would be a kathdrine understatement. They were so welcoming and my husband, Mary Alice Yeskey came in and welcomed us, or just has compassion for life. We arrived at our appointed acr and rang the buzzer on the front door, she had hilarious pictures hanging everywhere. Ajd begged my husband to place a bid, Mary Alice Yeskey came in and welcomed us. We arrived at our appointed time and rang the ben and katherine ace of cakes dating on the front door, Mary Alice Yeskey came in and welcomed us. He talked to us kathherine a few minutes then Duff came up and introduced himself as well. We were so pleased to know that the money raised from the charity went to such an extraordinary place. Even the hallway to the bathroom was dating in london blog in aviation dating uk that fans had sent them. The two of them talked cars and guitars and spent more time laughing than anything else? That beats a birthday wish in skywriting any day. Ace of Cakes is my all-time favorite katberine and, Eleana Fox, touring the place and meeting the ben and katherine ace of cakes dating. Now I have seen it on t.

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