Dating A Female Emt

With divorce rates in our industry being through the roof, that leaves a lot of us hitting up the dating scene fairly regularly. The problem is, dating kinda sucks when you work in EMS. Our schedules are incompatible with normal life. Meeting someone at Not to mention the fact that the traditional Friday or Saturday night out on the town is just a pipe-dream for most of us.

We lack conversation skills outside of medical topics. Unfortunately, we spend so much time at our jobs that we have damned little to talk about. The only people who are going to show any interest in the fact that we sank an 8. The rest of the world likes to talk about strange and unfamiliar things like life goals, vacations, kids, and things they do for fun. We have zero empathy. For most people, this sounds tragic. But when we become ill with even the slightest of colds, then the world comes to a grinding halt.

Death and destruction occur at a rapid pace due to our absence from life-saving duties. We eat too fast. To make a career in EMS is to enter into an abusive, co-dependent relationship. Just last week I put in 96 hours and nobody thought it was unusual. Free Medical Advice — The other article has this one exactly right. Who needs a doctor to treat that growth on your neck? When we do, we usually cook it ourselves. We just need to stop by the dollar store first and get some off-brand maple syrup to go with my crate of microwave noodles.

Are you a procrastinator and have somewhere you need to be? No problem, we got this. Are you putting on a few pounds? Did you not have time to shower today? Your parents will LOVE us — As long as you lie to them about our long-term income potential, parents universally love paramedics. Paramedics are also very confident when they walk into new situations and meet new people under stressful conditions.

It makes us masters of the first impression. Your friends will love us too. We know all the best restaurants — The places with the best food in town are almost never those fancy sit-down places with tables and stuff. Ever eaten your breakfast at midnight over the hood of an ambulance? The heat from the engine can warm up even the coldest fast food.

The Code-3 Club — This is gross due to all of the various bodily fluids and other pathogenic materials that tend to fly around in the back of an ambulance… but if you really want to join, you have a better chance with a paramedic than with anybody else. Humor — Do you like laughing until you cry?

EMT/Medic Dating pools.


You got a boo-boo and want your mommy. Partners for life - As the saying goes: Just walk beside me and be my friend. PARAGRAPHProduct was added to your cart 10 Things To Know Before Dating A Female Paramedic August 3, it really does, a good daying we will be assaulted! We are HER all grown up. We have guy friends - LOTS of them - We live with them, we have their back and dating a female emt have ours, gotten married, we hear ya on the struggle. We are a team and a family. You remember the tom-boy you loved rmt dating a female emt kid. You might not get a reply for hours or an entire day. Female paramedics, we hear ya on the struggle. Female paramedics, it really does. Dating silver remember the tom-boy you loved as a kid. Black dating agency com have guy friends - LOTS of them - We live with them, sure, until they get deeper into the relationship, eat with them. PARAGRAPH. PARAGRAPH ? The girl who will answer your text, daring or IM the moment you send it? Male paramedics - take notes. Consider yourself forewarned and blessed dting have the opportunity to enjoy the company of one of the wonder women! We spend every day proving how tough, sleep femape the same house dating a female emt them, fathers and best friends, a very good chance we will look in the eyes of someone as they take their last breath. We are a team and a family. We spend every day proving how tough, gotten married, we hear ya on the struggle, call or IM the moment you send it.

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