Dating A Gluten Free Girl

Do you miss these oh-so-yummy doughnuts? Some are just completely inappropriate or just awkward to answer. Or we want to be able to eat our food without someone insulting it and making us wish we could eat something else. If you see her in this situation, help her out by changing the subject. She will be so grateful! When sharing gluten-free food, let her have the biggest piece or the leftovers.

Surprise her by taking her to a dedicated gluten-free restaurant or bakery. Trust me, dude, she will go NUTS! Let her take her time in deciding it might take her a lot longer than you think. Let her have her moment. Cooking is always more fun with good help and company! Make it enjoyable for her. Help her to embrace and make good memories of cooking gluten-free. But I wanted to share these 10 things to help the fellas out there know how they can totally make their GF GF gluten-free girlfriend smile and feel so crazy cared for!

My gluten-free ladies, what has your special fella done that totally made your day? Fellas, you can feel free to share a moment, too, of when you know you had a big win with your GF honey! So please keep us in mind when packing up the coolers and loading up the car to Paul Brown Stadium. Gluten-free food is becoming more and more popular. Because of the high demand, this lifestyle of eating gluten-free is becoming even more expensive.

And I used to love grocery shopping. Be careful how you ask us why we are on a gluten-free diet. Some girls do it to be skinny, some girls were born with celiac, or some have to due to another condition where they have to cut gluten out of their everyday diet. And do not ask us in a snarky tone, or a voice that makes it sound like this diet lifestyle is a joke.

We forgive you for every time you ask us if we want a bite of your food. We would love to taste normal pizza again, but the pain is not worth it. We know where every restroom is within 15 miles. So just stick to your regular diet, please. We are great cooks. Cooking in the safety of our own gluten-free kitchen makes us practice our skills! Yes we will probably be cooking two separate meals, but hey that just means we get to monogram our set of pots and pans!

Yes celiac sprue disease is genetic.

10 Ways to WIN at Dating a Gluten-Free Girl


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