Dating A Man Who Was Hurt

I think there is great potential in this relationship but I am also aware of the practical challenges that I am dealing with as well. Can you give your thoughts on my decision to continue in this relationship? Is there anything that I can do on my part to make this relationship work and reassure him that I am not like his ex and that this relationship will not end the same way as his past relationship? Any long term change requires desire and conviction and it has to come from the person that has to do the alterations, personally.

You can of course, be a pillar of support and understanding. You are human and will have your limits but in any good relationship there will always be a healthy dose of give and take. You both will alternate holding each other up when the other is struggling and for you, this may just be time to take the reigns temporarily.

I give you credit for seeing something special in your mate and being open to the idea of taking it slow. I caution you against viewing his reticence as the main block aid in the relationship. Nothing is perfect and no matter the circumstances, each partner has to bring their best selves to the table, which means that your boyfriend has to be whole enough to be there for you and your struggles as well. If it becomes a one sided dance where you are performing solely to assuage his fears, you will grow weary and resentful quickly.

About Allison Cohen Allison Cohen, M. With offices in Beverly Hills and Tarzana, CA, Allison specializes in aiding clients that struggle with life issues including self esteem, partner dynamics, family of origin conflict, identity formation, communication skills, intuitive eating, anxiety and depression. She uses a kind but direct approach to provide concrete tools for life long change. We don't think of people in all their broken, beautiful glory because we'd rather not address their pain, as it forces us to face our own.

We think that with each budding relationship , we're stepping onto a clean slate; no wonder we implode so intensely when we realize that we carry every bit of our pasts with us, however healed they are or not, and that it will infiltrate even the happiest and most loving of relationships if they aren't addressed outside of them. Learning to love someone who has been hurt before is really just learning to love someone, and to see them for their whole truth and your own, as well.

Here are all the things you need to know before you date someone who has a past so, you know, a human being in general: Everyone Has Been Hurt The only difference is where they are in their healing. Some people are still smashed open, others are scarred and cautious, but most people fall somewhere in the middle.

Everyone has had hopes dashed, everyone has sought someone else's love to save them. Everyone has had someone get away, and a good many others walk away willingly. We're all scarred and we're all insecure and nobody is completely convinced they're worth loving. Understanding this doesn't just help you find a genuine relationship — it facilitates it.

It helps you speak into those parts of someone, the parts that need you to address them, not fix them. Trust, Like Love, Is Something You Earn The insane cultural complex of instantaneous love and maddening passion that consumes you day-in and day-out isn't just unrealistic, it's dangerous. It sets up an idea that will lead you to closing yourself off to genuine love because you can't identify what it really is.

Rebuilding our ideas about what it takes to really love someone starts here: It's not something you get, or deserve, if you're "good enough. It's not your fault if you don't have someone's love instantly, and it's not theirs either — it's that you both made the decision, whether out of perceived incompatibility or just a lack of interest, not to bond at that level. Hurt Comes From Attachment It's not love that hurts.

7 Things You Need To Understand About Dating Someone Who's Broken

Why Dating Someone Who's Been Hurt Before Is Worth the Effort

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