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And what is IAC? It's the conglomerate that owns Match. The Trump supporter-focused dating site has yet to launch. Indeed, IAC says it will never launch. Rather, it's an instance of a conglomerate protecting its branding, lest a competitor snatch up the URL. Going to the site right now results in a "unable to locate" message. An IAC rep re-confirmed that there are "no plans" at the moment to make the URL into anything more than a holding. We're talking about a dedicated group of people — Trump supporters — who want to find love among other like-minded people.

And that's right up People Media's alley! The company expanded out from age-, nationality-, and race-based dating sites into political leanings already with two of its dating sites — an exclusively Trump-focused one makes a lot of sense. And with companies steadily allocating more time and money to their social media strategies, are you getting with the times or just getting left in the dust?

All may be fair in love and business, but with the trending progression towards our corporate and social lives happening online, are you making the most of your Facebook fan page? The first thing you have to realize is that both in social media marketing as well as online dating, the initial amount of information and content at your disposal may seem overwhelming.

But using the new set of tools and tactics at your disposal not unlike falling in love takes energy and effort, but also like love, the rewards make up for it twofold. The Object of Both Pursuits is to Get Found. By participating in either of these activities, you are taking an active position in the molding of your own Internet-fueled destiny. This is a fantastic jumping-off point; romance just like business plans must learn to evolve alongside humanity and technology alike.

Standing Out in the Crowd is Imperative. But naturally, with any good business, like the most attractive person in your pool of contenders, comes competition. Make sure the content of your fan page is engaging and conversational. Always bear in mind that this is the best way to establish casual and approachable reflection of your brand. Being Too Self Promotional is a Huge Turn-Off. Remember when I said be conversational?

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The world's largest online dating company just locked down a URL for Trump fans

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